Who here smokes Black and Milds?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hatch42O, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Title says it all
  2. I have before. I don't anymore..I just love herb. Tobacco makes my stomach feel like shit.
  3. Wine flavored every once in a while. That's kinda it
  4. Used to be a fiend for my wine. Then I moved on to cigs, now im trying to phase out tobacco all together.
  5. I love black n miles, I enjoy having something to smoke on while I'm high and they taste and smell great, I kinda hate the wine ones though, they smell better than they taste
  6. Yeah I quit cigs recently and I smoke these every once and a while as a substitue.
  7. I still do every once in a while.
  8. Like a chimney.
  9. Split em and stuff em up. Finished a roach. :smoke:
  10. Back when I used to smoke I only smoked wine flavored black n milds. Didn't smoke cigarettes, or any other tobacco shit, just wine flavored blacks.

    They where just to good.
  11. For real? Have you ever actually tried to "split" a black n mild, and fill it back up with weed?

    If you can actually do that successfully Ill cut my dick off.

  12. Snapshot_20111122.JPG

  13. I made a thread about this >.>
    I smoke black and milds, but they're not considered cigars because you inhale them but they have like 10x stronger on ur lungs then cigarettes but i still love smoking em. They burn for like 30 minutes, and i share em with friends cuz they just burn so dam long!
  14. B&M's are horrible for your lungs. I smoked them for a very short period of time and they made me smell like a bar and everywhere I smoked them too. Whats low class though, is a chick that smokes them.

  15. How is that low class? these 2 girls i chill with smoke em bro, what are you trying to say?
  16. Black & mild, Black & mild, Black & mild, Black & mild, Black & mild....no I don't
  17. yeee when im feelin fresh

    havent smoked many, i have to put it out and relight it later

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