Who here misses the good ol days?

Discussion in 'General' started by Aud, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Who misses the good ol' days when you would smoke before school, and be blitzed all day. You would get baked offa one bowl of schwag, and smoked 3 bowls when you wanted to just get fuckin retarded. You could afford chronic, but saved alot of money smoking a half oz over a time of a month.

    So heres to bein lightweights, because god knows that when your smoking two bowls of chronic to get buzzed, you miss the old days.
  2. Who doesnt miss the good ole days?
  3. The good ol' days are always missed, then the present becomes the good ol' days and it is missed as well...
  4. When 1g lasted 4days to a week. OMG. The money that was saved.
  5. i got probation for a few more months soo....the good ol days will be back soon

  6. HAHAH Hell yeah man, i remember the first time i smoked chronic i got it for 15$ with a acrylic squiggly pipe, and it was maybe .4 or .3g's.

    I smoked this and a bowl of schwag with a friend of mine and was high until after i got outta school
  7. back in "the good ol days" i would get an ounce of shitty ass schwagg cus it was all i could find and it would last me like a week or two. still had to smoke a fat ass joint or 2 or 3 bowls to get high. then came the dank ages. 3 rips or so and FADED. now a days its like .7-a gram or so of dro to be set so yeah i do miss that a little.

    it is however still fun to put the new smokers under the table and then razz them about how they cant hang. just playin amoung friends of course.
  8. Sounds like somebody needs a tolerance break.
  9. :DYes Will never forget the good ol days

  10. HAHAHA oh man do I know exactly what you are talking about. One of my friends who hangs out with all the smokers and drinkers at my school just started to smoke weed in the middle of summer. So I call his ass up, and when we smoke together we do one bowl outta my 1.5ft bong, and when I say load another bowl he is like "Fuck I am high already", and when I tell him I am not buzzing yet he just looks at me in awe.
  11. The old days for me were being smoked up by my older friends on some dank because they wanted me to experience a real high. Then coming to the point where I bought my own and lasted a week on a 1/4. Now if im carefull I can make a 1/4 stretch a few days, but if im going nuts a 1/4 can be gone in a day. But back in the old days, I wouldn't even think to smoke an 8th in one day. Just unheard of, why? because it took 3 hits of dank to get completly ripped.

    also, the old days were being able to afford the dank because i worked a job just to have money to spend. . . still lived with parents. now im broke as a joke and somehow i manage to smoke once a day. but back in the day, i was high all day and went to class completly blazed, going on stoneys with best friends, smoking mad bowls to the face watching tv (couch lock) then eating so much food my parents bitch at me the next day. lol

    man i miss those days.
  12. with you on that one, i pulled an all nighter today because im nocternal and i had to write a paper. well im like fuck i want a face blunt. i smoked a 2g face blunt of decent mids. and im properly high, but not so high i can't function. buddy of mine who is a new smoker took 4 bowl hits of the same weed and was ripped. he was completly shocked at me for being "good" after a 2g face blunt. and he was retarded after 4 hits. lol
  13. This thread makes me wanna build a time machine.
  14. God knows I miss those days. I really miss not having the stress of being an adult
  15. I miss the good old days when a dime bag was a dime. ;)
  16. I had one of those good old days today at uni rolling an joint in the bushes then smoking it next to the train tracks before my next exam i was fuuuuucked

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