Who here loves Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by ChinaMan420, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. I do! So, me and my two buddys dug up our old cards and had some crazy matches. What a way to spend your night, passing a joint around while playing pokemon. Brings back memories from grade school.
  2. oh man good old pokemon.....i still have a bunch of cards im pretty sure somewhere......we should try and bring pokemon back to the youth it was the bomb......
  3. ill admit i have some cards somewhere...but to play it now....ehhhhhh.......no
  4. someone on here mentioned playing Pokemon hell of high a while ago. needless to say, last time I visited home I brought my pokemon games back. too bad i'm t-breaking for another couple weeks.
  5. better yet play rpg. both brings back memories and is much better than poké
  6. yup I used to collect a little back in the 7th grade....good times....loved the gameboy rpg game
  7. I have all the original set except Blastoise God damnit.
  8. Pokemon was only good with the first 100 Pokemon. After that it just started getting out of hand. You had like fucking mutated monkeys with antennas coming out of their ears.
  9. i used to live for pokemon. damn i had all the cards/games. absolutly loved it back in the day. now, i have a bunch of original cards floating around somewhere. still have a bunch of the gameboy games (dont play them anymore) and i still watch the show if im flipping thru the channels and its on.
  10. yep, I quit after they started adding all the "new" pokemon
  11. word.
  12. love red version
  13. Fuck that shwagg.
  14. I agree. I still have all of my cards, games, and figures. Man how much money did I waste on that stuff? Not too long ago my boyfriend and I re-watched all of the old episodes and we kept track of Ash's wins, losses, and ties. It turns out his score adds up to 0. Loser.
  15. huh? i never stopped playing

    pearl ftw
  16. chinaman420. HAHAHAA!

    you are my hero. i lurve pokemon. zomg.
  17. Yeah, I never stopped playing. Me and a fellow GC member play Pokemon all day everyday. D & P ftw. Our lineups couldn't be touched by anyone here. :|
  18. i love pokemon, it never gets old
  19. Ash should have totally banged misty.
  20. not to pwn all of you but look at my avatar lol i stay repping pokemon and i have emulators to play red and blue version on my computer i thought i was alone so i had never brought it up before

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