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who here likes 'how high'

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hoopzies, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. #1 hoopzies, Aug 31, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2008
    its on comedy central right now

    "if i study high, take the test high, get high scores"

  2. I thought it was lame. I also lold at how their plants' buds look like cat-tail reeds.
  3. meth and red are awesome.

    "no no no... YES YES YES!!" haha
  4. who doesn't like how high???
  5. apparently the first guy who responded to this thread
  6. "This would have never happened if I was black" hahaha I love that part of the movie.
  7. I liked it when I was like a kid but that's it.
  8. Da rockwilder, word up red and meth are the ishhh. movies tiny bit cheesey no biggie. ha and cypress hill is in it... come on now people...
  9. that movie looks madd retarded. i tried watching it one time and i just couldnt do it, the acting was so bad. maybe if i was high i would have liked it more tho
  10. just depends if u like.... wu tang sorry hahah i see where ur coming from but u got watch it high too full effect... and the cannon the dean tokes is pimp
  11. It's one of my favorite weed movies for sure. top 3 definetly
  12. haha i was just watching it. there is a massive blunt towards the rediculous
  13. Ahahahahaha I was watching that earlier and the part where they steal that punk 50's bike makes me crack the fuck up everytime...
  14. this is what happens when you smoke your boys. lol i love that shit man.
  15. dude, put this stupid pointless forum in the MOVIES section. jesus christ. cant dopies like guy figure that out.
  16. oh and this is the guy who asked me for a connect in tampa. how would i report that?
  17. Yeah, most of the characters aren't that great in the movie, but Meth and Red more than make up for it. One of my favorite movies to smoke to.

    'I'm a ghost ghost ghost'
  18. Lol wtf?
  19. got weed? got bunts?

    thats actually happened to me, i had weed, butno papers,or blunts, and my neighbors had no weedbut blunts, so we hooked up, lol, while smokin i asked himhas he ever seen how high? and we realized that this just happened to us, lol.
  20. method man and redman song the rockwilder one of my favs when im gettin blazed... how can u not liek a movie wit cypress hill in it??

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