Who here likes GEL TABS!!!!!+picture

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dan Gleesac, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. i just got 7 gel tabs(same as blotters) for 65 bucks........:hello:
  2. Damn, it would have been nice to get a better discount... but still, have fun with those

  3. youre tellin me man.....id expect that kinda price with blotters last time i bought gels i got a ten strip for 70
  4. with all the dxm threads today i came in here expecting to see some pile of triple c's or somethin...but i was so happy when it wasn't :D wish i could get some lucy around here right now tho..been dry for awhile now :(

    have fun bro..positive vibes for the trips :wave::smoke:
  5. Oh shit son - didn't even know those were still going around. Good find!
  6. 1. Grab gel tabs
    2. Put all 7 gel tabs under your tongue
    3. Ride the waves
  7. eat them all and document your glorious trip on video. nice pickup bro. gotta love jellies :D
  8. dude thats fuckin sweet

    im hittin u up right now
  9. Very nice Dan, not so many haters in here aye,lol. All the haters in the world cant Keep Dan the man down,lol. enjoy them shits dude, youve been having a psychedelic time here lately it seems.:D

  10. hahaha im glad you noticed.....its only gonna get better too....ive decided im gonna do as many drugs as possible before going on probation yall should look forward to many more interesting pick up threads
  11. mmmm delicious! finally glad to see a new " real " drug thread...yannowhatimean?
  12. Lucky you. I finished my last 2 hits about a month ago. Havent even started to again, but the next time I buy Ill probably get bulk. Have fun man.
  13. Well..........

    I'm hungry.
  14. Nice tabs man.. wish i had those


  15. Who in here is being a hater?
  16. He meant compared to Dan's 2c thread, lotta hate in that, mainly about people not being able to grasp how little 20mg's of powder really is to the naked eye.

  17. oh the fools....the poor poor fools
  18. Okay, that clarifies things

    But damn Dan, if you can get your hands on gel tabs AND stuff from the 2c family.... well, you need to give me your damn connections :D
  19. Very nice Mr Gleesac.. Just promise me one thing........ You'll enjoy that acid!

  20. foop, i LOVE seeing your posts youre so much more knowledgeable with trippy drugs then me........id love to trip with you someday.......

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