who here just graduated?

Discussion in 'General' started by T-Wrecksx420x, May 21, 2010.

  1. whether it be highschool or college; post it. i just graduated highschool and am getting my AA degree. its awesome, now i can get stoned every morning lol. im just taking a drawing class and a classical guitar course right now so its pretty easy
  2. i get my diploma sunday, had the graduation practice this morning it was fuckin whack. but i have been done with classes since 2nd semster started its been so nice
  3. My last day of high school is next Friday and I get my diploma on the 6th. I can't wait tograduate and go to college.

  4. This, but no college.
    Cause I'm too poor and had shitty grades.
  5. I finished my senior year last year but couldn't graduate cuz I have shitty grades (I don't give a fuck about school) but this year I worked to my potential and got a 3.5 or higher all year. I got out of school on Monday but I'm graduating tonight.
  6. Just graduated from Virginia Tech, time to start a miserable search for a low-paying, soul-crushing entry-level position or internship. No idea how to even start, feel free to PM me with advice, successful graduates
  7. Graduated HS two years ago :) and am in my sophomore year of college (took a year off after HS). Taking summer classes now.
  8. My last day of school is Thursday and the actual graduation ceremony is like June 4th, I think. I can't wait. I'm fucking done with high school.
  9. Graduated highschool in oct 09, have my graduation ceremony on june 4th. I'm 22. Getting ready to go into the Army...
  10. congrats on graduating guys. i graduated may 09 now im goin to college for a business admin degree, i want to open a bike garage/dealership

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