who here is high right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by glassy, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. *raises hand*
  2. Buzzed a bit. Just sparked up a pipe a minute ago.
  3. I'm a little pissed, my "freind flaked out on me tonight and he has MY bud. i had to run from the cops last night "long storie" and i threw it in a bush when i jumped the fence. i left my Hemp rainbow flops (any one who where's rainbows will sympathize for me) my pants. and my freinds bowl. my freind went there this morning and grabbed all the shit but couldnt find my damn shoes!!! and he hasnt come by yet. i want my damn bud.:mad:
  4. damn dude that sucks you dont have any old roaches or anything ?
  5. i'm smoking out of a bong as i type
  6. Im drunk as fuck.

    3 40's of king corba.

    4 beers of natty ice.

    Jus cracked the 5th.

    Hold on.

    *Gulp Gulp Gulp*

    Gon need another in a minute.

    Im broke right now, But in my other thread shows im on my comeup.

    But im broke, Rollin up Kite squares.

    Usin carbboard filters like brits use roaches.

    And rollin em wit normal joint papers.

    Gon roll a few, Smoke one, And roll a joint.
  7. put me down for one :smoking:
  8. Should have asked this last night when i smoked a half eigth blunt by myself straight to the head
  9. coming to this forum and asking who's high right now is equivilent to going to a republican message board and asking, who's absolutely fucking retarded right now.
  10. or like going to any forum and asking "are you human?"

    cant now. Ill do it later brb

    Wait I am on a forum no brb on forums.

    BRB I am high ill stop posting for a bit
  11. lol!
  12. meh, still pretty buzzed, lit up around 9 for family guy, goin for another round midnight, then i'm set for the day i guess :p
  13. I'm pretty torn up, smoked a nice sized ball of resin, cause my buddy/dealer is at graduation right now, so i'm try until tomorrow morning. :(
  14. bout to smoke 1 up rite now... i got school in the morning..but and a vocab test 1st block...but meh...wth...figured id play some CS rite now after i blaze
  15. I am. Just smoked a bowl and started peaking a few mins ago :D

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