who here is from san mateo california?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by puffpufflaugh, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. if you are hit me up to smoke. haha im no creeper or lurk, im chill. i just wanna smoke with some chill ppl ive never met before.
  2. im not sure i want to get murdered so ill pass
  3. haha i dont blame you.
  4. awesome ^ haha
  5. sanfran. hillsdale. carlmont. woodside. sequoia. i know i know

    ihop on el camino

  6. hillsdale.
  7. u went to hillsdale?
    i went to carlmont!!!

    i knew that kid who went into hillsdale with the bomb
    fuckin creeprr

  8. I went to Notre Dame. Right down the street. :wave:
  9. Moved to Fremont about 4-5 years ago.

    Good shit.
  10. bay area here
  11. if u ever in ghostlin i'll smoke you out....... unless your some sketchy fag
  12. Dude I was born in Burlingame, went to B.I.S. unfortunatley I had to move.
  13. If we're gonna make this a "bay area" thread, I'm in, though I'm not San Mateo, so sorry OP...
  14. Went to Hillsdale class of 2007, anyone had Mr.Bissell for physics? haha!gooood times...:hello:
  15. shitt whoever said they went to Notre dame.
    the college, elementary, or hs?

  16. High School. But I know some people who went to the elementary.
  17. Bay Area here too, san jose is where it's at
  18. Oh shit man I lived there when I was a kid went to this one elementary that for the life of me can not remember what its called.
    but yeah I love San Mateo man its nice and chill I go there about once a month a lot of family.
    Correct me if Im wrong Im guessing your either Asian,Latino,or white OP cause there might be a couple of black people but you really cant turn to any side and not see a Asian,or some Latino walking by.
  19. took like the 3 largest general groups haha
  20. NOOOSIR...much to ghetto por moi. One time I stopped by da sto, though. My bad, that was da Pally.

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