who here has seen the movie Humboldt County?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by puffpufflaugh, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. by far one of the best weed movies ive ever seen. with such amazing characters, and morals, this movie is deffinetly for the peaceful stoner. watch it.
  2. Yeah good movie. I've heard some reviewers say that it's just a weed gimmick movie without substance but I totally disagree. Really good characters.
  3. i havent seen this movie but i think maybe i've heard of it before.. whats it about?
  4. watched it many times really enjoyed it. Liked the vibe of it
  5. link pls? searched google couldnt find the movie only trailers...looks like a good one
  6. I think it is just called Humboldt. It is by far one of the best weed movies I have ever seen.
  7. just watched the trailer. looks like a kickass movie. meaningful and what not.
  8. who else got annoyed by the main character and his square attitude in the beginning?
  9. Patience man he came around, right?! :smoking:
  10. yeah dude the first time i LOVED the movie, but the main character was a bit annoying lol.

    but after watching it for the 4th or 5th time, i kinda view it as more as a very complex character, and it just adds even more to the movie.

    totally for the peaceful stoner for sure : )
  11. watched it...liked it a lot...very chill, relaxing movie, with bud being centered upon :gap:

    for those of you who have netflix--you can stream it as one of the streamable movies. so just search for it and you can watch it :)
  12. Depressing ending...and it dragged quite a bit. PLus not enough Fairuza Balk. That said, I did enjoy it as a bildungsroman story. Brad Dourif was great too.
  13. go to google and type in "humboldt county torrent" dl from that.
  14. its about this guy who finds out that hes failing medical school, and after a night with a girl, he leaves with her, not knowing hes going to humboldt county. he basically spends the summer with a bunch of pot famers who are just awesome ppl, and after realizing that he doesnt wanna leave he finds himself.
  15. Bayside,Ca

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