who here grows?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by smoke2LIDSndFLY, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. i dont and dont know shit about it
  2. i grow and tons of others do
  3. l grow all my own and l still know nothing :smoking:
  4. I grow my own stuff. Its easier than driving all the way to Greenville to buy some. Besides you cant get any good stuff here in NC

  5. Damn STML...LOL! Maybe it's because you smoke faster than you can grow?;)
  6. did a small crop indoors with flourecents and bagseeds...and it rrrrrocked.

    got prolly 250 seeds good bagseeds and would like to plant them al outdoors sometime soon. prolly too late this year (nw iowa) but if i do i'll post the results.
  7. I don't grow, but I tried last year in my garage loft. It was pretty successful. I'd do it again, but I'm kind of too lazy.
  8. im currently growing and i just found out something new today if you cut back the hours of light on the plants to 8 hours[12 hrs recommended by experienced growers,critter] of light a day it will force the plant to come ot of its vegatative state and start budding YAY im going to have lots of weed sooner than i orginally thought
  9. ^^^

    You're supposed to force it to bud by going to 12/12. And I wouldn't necisarily force it to flower so early unless you need to for time reasons. It'll make your harvest much smaller.

    And I don't grow, to get back on topic.
  10. I've recently started growing. Plants are coming along nicely. Growing RULES! Why buy marijuana when you can just grow it?

    Post #100!
  11. homegrown is a billion times better than the shit you find on the street..

    ps: no... i doooooooon't grow :X


  12. are you sure? well if its true then i guess im gonna be going 12/12 on 2 of my females ive got 25 of em
  13. Not yet. ;)

  14. 12/12 is the recommended time by just about everyone .USE the search button :smoking:
  15. ^^

    thanks man i need the bud my supply is running low and i need money too
  16. I'm a new grower. My single plant (My cat killed the other one, and the other seeds were shit seeds from the bag that didn't germnate) is 1 week and 2 days old. It'll be even better when my 10 good seeds from Heaven's Stairway come in! :D

    Grow on. Peace.

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