Who here can positively ID Acapulco Gold ?

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  1. I was given 2 different looking buds both labeled as Acapulco Gold by a dispensary... I’ve been wanting to try this for ages as I quest for heirlooms I could’ve only dreamed about in the late 90s, but uncertain which is it. Please reply if you can positive ID strain. My instinct says it’s the right one... Thanks

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  2. Man you cant tell a strain from the looks of the bud. Well of course, unless there's this like super fuckin crazy alien weed that like glows or some shit, other than that, only way to know the strain is to have someone who has had previous experience with whatever strain it is, smoke it and maybe they'll be able to pick it out, maybe not, or take it to a lab or some shit I dunno.
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  3. NO ONE.
    (Bastards version condensed) lol
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  4. Since we're assuming at least one of them is Acapulco Gold I'm guessing you're right, it's the rough looking one. And then I remember some other AG I had that I think looked more like the first one. I do remember I didn't get the good stuff very often, I'm sure of that much.
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  5. God.

    But if your instinct says it's cool, why you questioning?
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  6. Does it get you high, man?:coolalt:
  7. Some of you REMIND me why I left these forums with some of these idiotic remarks, except cactus Ed, which the idea was to get a consensus before accusing a dispensary of not giving me the strain I paid nearly 420 to get 2 oz of and alter their review if they gave me the test sample 1/8 I bought called AG, which I don't know if it is or isn't and the 2 oz that look entirely different from that sample...a lab, what asinine comment is that ? Listen you know never know WHO's going to drop in, from time to time trying to get some insight from the olden days, but lets give you a CLUE who you're dealing with

    There was a guy named Dankmaster from the old OG and CW who made the most potent Airborne G-13 cross that I think has ever been produced. G13 X Fig Widow, a limited number were sold by Heaven's Stairway under the name Omega G. That was some seriously don't try to drive potent weed. Everyone I smoked it with swore it was "laced with opium....or something"

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    And yes for the record, it's one the BEST exotic sativa strains going still as it's legend holds true. Next to some Purple thai cheese I got to try, this ranks at the top of super focus and highly energizing. At first it made me pour perspiration, so the potency is intense. Green crack can make me sweat my ass off, but I'm not a big fan of it. Not a big fan of the genetic dilution I'm seeing, and sticking mostly with lineage haze's, Hawaiians, Thai's, skunks, widow hybrids. Not a kush fan so avoid the OG's and had GSC for 45 days in L.A, it was interesting but grew tired and some other iterations I didn't like, so a lot of these new designer strains aren't of interest. I keep hearing it's not your gran-pappy's marijuana, and from how I compare days where it all started to NOW, I'm in definite agreement. I honestly don't know if I can say better...
  8. I dont care for names, if it dank, i blaze.

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