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Who here believes in ghost?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CREATOR63420, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. I was just wondering, who all here believes in ghost being real?
  2. yeah, i believe in spirits... i've heard a lot of first hand accounts. also, aliens definitely exist. i dont know if thats ever been a thread here, but i think it would definitely make a good one.
  3. Yea, I believe in aliens.
  4. i won't disbelieve ghosts, but won't believe in them until i see them. not a doubt in my mind that aliens exist out there some where, i am just skeptical about them ever finding their way here.
  5. nah i dont belive in em. I do remember one time workin in a pizza place though and there was a picture of some lady in the back where i worked, i asked my boss who it was and he said it was someone who use to work there and got murdered in the bathroom downstairs. Later that night when i was washin the dishes i saw somethin outta the corner of my eye that i could swore was a female person but when i looked over there was nothin guessin it was nothin but ya never know.
  6. Yes, but vaery few are what people think they are....

    1. Orbs, floating balls of energy normally caught on film, either transparent or luminous, no one can explain these yet very well documented.

    2. Residual hauntings... Tragic oe regular events that are etched in time for reasons unknown, these are some of the more famous ghosts....

    3. feelings, smell, paranoia, thoughts, voices, calls from the dea, EVP's (taped ghost sounds).

    4. Very few, and very few evil entities, few and far between....
  7. I have an alien, well more life UFO story for you guys. This is seriously true, and I still don't know what the hell I saw that night.

    Anyways, a few years ago I was in my back yard with a bunch of people on my trampoline. It was probably like 11:30 or so. All of a sudden, I see this huge white light in the sky. It was about the size of a baseball. Then, it went out. A second later, another light came on to the right of the first one, and then went out like the other one. Then, ANOTHER light went on, again, to the right of the previous one. After this one went out, the first light went back on, and the pattern kept repeating. It was freaky shit. The lights were really high in the sky, but they were so bright, and BIG. It was no airplane. Everyone that was outside ran into my house because we had no idea what the hell we just saw. We ran upstairs and went out onto my deck and all of a sudden whatever it was just flew away on a split second. It was some scary ass shit, and we were totally sober, too.

    So, I don't disbelieve the alien thing. I know that story sounds mad gay but seriously, it really did happen. As for ghosts, I would have to say that I don't NOT believe in them, but I don't have any first hand experience.
  8. i've lived in colorado for 4 years, and lots of weird stuff happens in the sky out here.

    for my personal accounts

    my friend and i were chillin one night in a field, when we saw a giant triangular object that was perfectly silent glide above our heads at about 200 feet above the ground. that is unexplainable. if it was anything, it would make some kind of noise. but it was out of vision within about 5 seconds. it was travelling very fast.

    another night, a couple months ago, i was just looking at the mountains and the stars above them (because they are so beautiful) and right when i looked over, a bright green light went from somewhere in the mountains, up into the sky within a split second.

    the weird stuff is, that stuff doesnt freak me out at all...i like looking up into the sky at night for a long time, and just watch.

  9. :screams: those pictures are scary!!! I wouldn't look at them if you're a wuss like me
  10. I believe!

    I SO believe!

  11. thanks...i made it in Macromedia Fireworks.
  12. I believe in spirits. I guess that would constitute ghost as well!
  13. i believe in ghosts , and i actually have a ghost or spirit in this house , it has made it presence quite clear and known in this house , but has never hurt anyone , just frightened us a bit, the 1st time it made its presence known to me , blew my mind and just bout made me shit my pants lol freaked me right the hell out
  14. i do.... i think my grandpa who recently died, is coming around in my house, and in my other relatives houses, and making weird shit happen, and many people say they have seen ghosts and stuff....
  15. There was a ghost in my boyfriends old house. Someone had died there, named Elbert. He would come around and k now shit over. He made a lamp catch on fire one time, and that was really scary. You could hear him walking down the hall at night.

    So yes, I do believe in ghosts.

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