Who hear is in Holland?

Discussion in 'General' started by HempSkin, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. I have been wondering if anyone here is in Holland?
    I have some Q's For anyone who has real knowlage of Holland, not people who have been there once or twice for a week. I am intrested in some info, that only a sesoned Hollender could give me.

  2. ?????

    Just ask your question.
  3. ok fine..... SO what is the real deal in the coffee shops? Is it a chill comunity? would you find any kind of person in one? are their places to stay away from? is it consume their or do you have a togo option?what is the price range? where is the best one to go to.

    you see I am going to make a trip with the old lady and I would like to have a non-hasle trip. I owe it to her to know what the real sean is insted of assuming.
  4. Just compare a coffeeshop with a bar. You will find all kinds of people there. You can smoke your stuff there, or take it with you. About shops to go to, just see if you like the atmosphere and go in. I have favourites like Kadinsky and De Dampkring, but I don't know what your taste is.
  5. i'm a dutch citizen and have lived here my whole life.

    years ago , the dutch coffeeshopscene got more tensed.
    people in the shop can be just about anyone , but it seems as if more and more smokers stay away from the coffeeshops, and either grow own stash , or know a dude that knows a dude.

    the prices in dutch shops have raised a lot, and you see less people casually rolling a joint in between doing stuff than it used to be.

    also - beacuse of the soon to be implemented anti-smoke laws, there's alot to be changing i guess..
    it is illegal to smoke in a room where staff works.
    u do the math....

    shops isnt the place to be , i go to friends and chill in the park.
    when i go to a shop - its rarely , and just to pick up

    i used to practically live in them shops when i was young
  6. this is from 7 years ago dude

    don't worry, accidentally bumping an old thread is something we've all done
  7. cali sounds better than the dam as far as smoking now adays.
  8. sorry bud maybe sounds better but it aint.................

    nowhere ,well maybe morroco, is as chilled as the dam, quality smoke hundreds of varieties in one city, weed, hashish, people are really chilled , exciting vibrant city.

    love it. been goin since early 80's at least once a year & no signs of stopping yet:)

    im sure cali is great but get to the dam then you'll change your opinion bud:)

    a link for you mate ,enjoy.

    not putting cali down mate but no contest.

    and damic if you are from holland you'll know the smoking ban is only in place in bars,restaraunts not coffee shops.


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