Who have you smoked with? - Most Influential People

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    Who have you smoked with? - Most Influential People

    Hey GC,

    A couple days ago I had an opportunity to smoke out with a good friend. Some reason out of no where this second adult came in (about 55 years of age) and sat down next to me.

    Mind you, I had my one-hitter box chilling in my hand when he walked in with a thing of weed on my lap.

    I began questioning this person on who he is and why he just came out of no where. I was informed he was a fellow toker and immediately he pulled out his marijuana to share.

    We smoked, had intense converstations about science, medical-science, astronomy, physics, and time-travel.

    When I got my things ready to leave I found this person to be a prestigious professor at a local college.

    So the reasoning of opening this thread is this..... Who have you smoked with that was a surprise and 'shock' to find out they smoked. Due to their stature, job, etc...
  2. Where where you smoking that a professor was able to just walk in on you guys?

    I haven't smoked with anybody famous :(

  3. were you in his lecture hall?:p
  4. Yeah first thing I thought of also was, where were you?

    But I havnt smoked w/ any influential people. But w/ people much older then me. Friends parents and stuff. I guess that would be the closest b/c its a little different then normal
  5. My friend smoked a blunt with Twiztid

    They are a big rap duo if you dont know them
  6. A couple people come to mind, but I can't really give out any details about whom or where.
  7. i smoked with method man and red man when i went to vegas ^_^.. and i smoked with my high school english teacher.. wow it was amazing we were Tallinn about everything he was a former pro surfer.
  8. Have met several actors and producers at various MMJ clubs in Los Angeles, but since they value their privacy and I don't name names, I shant. I'll say this, I practically met the entire cast of a season of "Last Comic Standing" over the years.

    Just met one very versatile character actor and shared a vapor bag with him the other day.

    As to 'pot' celebrities, I've had the pleasure of smoking with Ngaio, Sarah Diesel and Don Duncan.
  9. One time Bill Murray passed me a joint at the Toronto film festival, told me no one would ever beleive me and walked away.
  10. haha thats great.
  11. In highschool I had a teacher who I'd talk to about weed all the time. We would talk about getting high and sneaking special brownies into the school.

    Oddly I never blazed with him.
  12. the fact that you say that he did that makes me believe you because i can totally see bill murray doing that
  13. my dad has sold and smoked weed with lynyrd skynyrd
    but i myself have never smoked with anyone famous

  14. Shit bull.
  15. At another adults house. Apparently a friend of his.... Scared the crap outa me regardless lol.

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