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Who hates newbiekiller?????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Aug 31, 2002.

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  1. I\'m sorry to say it but yes....there is someone bad within the community.......I\'m not flameing or anything but if you read this guys posts he\'s bigger than Hernado Escobar from Columbia and is an international drug smuggler and grows mile upon mile of weed since he was 6 months old....all he does is slag newbies and also others...i.e. \"grow up\" and \"water would be a good idea\"...the list goes on......we\'ll i hope i\'m not the only person who noticed this....if i am i appologise....Peace out....Sid
  2. 4000+ members, seems like that was about the time that Yahooka went kinda south. Oh well, let the kids have there fun, at least we have some rather vigilant mods so maybe they can keep it under control. It\'s always gonna happen though. I guess if ya don\'t have e\'nuff asshole the world might become full of shit!
  3. you are missquoting me,\"water would be a good idea\" is inacurate. it\'s \"pablo\" escobar, not \"hernado\" escobar and i have not made any claims
    to having grown anything.

    relax dude, hence smoke a bone;-)
    hate is a strong word.
  4. hey smokin have you read any of my posts?

    the grow advice that\'s being dispensed here
    is woofully inadequate, my posts are worthwhile,
    their not just wisecracks.

    i\'ve found this place to be lax, inactive and boring, how can it ever grow?
    you can give me the \'clever\' \"then why don\'t you leave\" reply but that would only skirt my
    assessment of this place.
    a little shake up is good every now and then.
  5. heh.. \'newbiekiller\' has 16 posts.. maybe some hari kari is in order?
  6. Hate\'s a strong word. I went and read all of newbie\'s posts and see what you mean to a point. Newbie seems a bit brash and condescending but we all have our quirks.


    \"...i\'ve found this place to be lax, inactive and boring, how can it ever grow?...\"

    ...this comment bothers me because I have been here since February 2001 and have watched this place grow just like weed and rarely is it inactive or boring. I think that people should hang out a bit longer before making judgements.

    Let\'s all get high, kick back and chill and give each other a chance...all the way around!
  7. thank you mary j, i take that as a fair and honest
  8. haha.....mary j..never thought of callin ya that......ive always just said RMJL...mary j.....hmmmmmm........neat.

  9. That\'s funny, Norm!!!!!

    Neato, man...see, had I left my typo it would have said \"Meato, man\" therefore yielding verbal diarrhea but I have to be obsessive and fix typos. Damn this disorder!!!!
  10. your addicted to the oh shit button! HAHA.. that i have read all of newbiekillers fair and honest assessment, is that he is a dick, but, he seems to know SOMETHING...and MIGHT be beneficial, in some way i cant quite see yet.....oh, and to quote him on a question asked about what kind of water to use he suggested \"the wet kind is usually works best\" typo..i quoted....and it is simply grammatical genius that we are dealing with here folks...just calm down and let him be....just dont read the posts if they piss you off?....hrmmmm.......*wishes he had a bowl*
  11. I\'ll smoke a bowl for you, Norm...then try that telepathical shit to see if you can connect with my high...

    ...nice assessment...

    ...we\'re some smart cookies aren\'t we, Normsy Poo!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i figure hes too cool for me to talk

    and damn if i cant feel the high....i think if you get stoned enough in your life, you can almost kind of turn it on whenever you want...if you kinda concentrate just a little

    nothin here....just a big space for unnessecary tension:D
  13. i\'m dick? that\'s the best you could come up with?
    i hope your not a kid. if you are, i\'m sorry, lets leave this be.

    i have cracked wise but i have not called anybody names or professed hate for them.
    sound familiar?
  14. BOYS! BOYS!

    OK. OK.

    I went and checked out what ya had to say Newbie.

    Diplomacy is\'nt a highpoint of yours, is it?

    I\'m goin with the \"hang around a little longer before ya get like that\" bunch here.

    As for inadequate growers,


    There are some fucking masters at the City!

    I have\'nt been thru them much lately, but go dig in the archives. I hope I ain\'t pissin nobody off by naming names, but Unoit, Woody, Indicabud, and I\'m too stoned to come up with the rest right now, but these gentleman ( and ladies know there shit! So I take offense to your statement
  15. meow

  16. hey smokie the reason i say the advice is subpar
    is because i see people flushing for overfert with superthrive and nobody says shit.
    then you got admitted newbies telling the mods that superthrive is great even though they don\'t know crap about it or growing and nobody says anything, then you have people avocating hans, who has bled the mj growers from day one, with very basic, overpriced info. somebody should have told the poster he should have spent his $23 on seeds because everthing he needs to know is right here, pix and all, but nobody did,(perhaps because its not all here). so the next newbie is gonna read that post and think \"hey i need to get that tape too and maybe i should get some superthrive too, even though i don\'t know why i should\".
    nobody said anything, that\'s why i said it was lax.
  17. *walks over to newbie killer*....*smack* *smack*......
  18. Wow! Talk about a perfectionist.... I\'ve come across quite a few kids like newbiekiller and it\'s best just to ignore \'em. Peace to all.
  19. can someone at least post something clever?
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