Who has tumblr?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jitros067, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I'm pretty new to it so if anyone has tumblr, add me up ganjasolja and I'll follow back obviously:smoke:
  2. first rule of tumblr, you dont talk about tumblr.

    i followed you. you should enable your ask box.
  3. istillshoot35mm.tumblr.com
    and fyi this is already a topic in Pandora's Box
  4. i dont understand tumblr at all i have one but how the fuck does it work?
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    you either post or reblog stuff that comes up on your dash. to have more stuff show up follow more people. then people follow you.

    edit: it will absorb your life.
  6. i dont understand how to find stuff i want to look at though.
  7. mine

    Search through tags of things you like, like weed for example. Then you get things to reblog, and can also discover blogs you like. Just click on lots of shit and you'll be happy in no time ;)
  8. Kristentrees.tumblr.com
    Follow me :)
  9. i prefer reddit :D 10x better

  10. followed.

    haha speaking of tags, the 'bong' tag cracks me up. people do the DUMBEST shit with their weed in this world.
  11. saw a bunch of graffiti. instant follow lol.

    @darksmoker on your dash there is a search bar. use that. it searches tags. i dont use tags because im lazy but a lot of people do. then when people reblog stuff it shows up on your dash and you can go to the blogs that that person reblogged and follow them.

  12. [​IMG]
  13. i'm sorry, i didnt realise there was a reddit vs. tumblr rivalry

    seriously though, reddit is better :p

  14. how is reddit better? you guys do all the work. we just reblog what you do lol.

  15. How the hell do i do that?

  16. click your blog name then blog settings on the right, scroll down, enable ask box
  17. Done and done, also followed everyone here:)
  18. imho reddit is better because as you said, reddit is tumblr's source, so why not get stuff from the source ? also there is a sub reddit for pretty much anything you can think off, seriously. And yeah there are quite a lot of douchebags on reddit, but once you get past that its actually pretty cool. just my opinion though :)

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