Who has the coolest name on Grass City?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tee 8sh See, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Personally, im a fan of...

    How 'bout you?
  2. I like burnttwaffle & glopipop & golgiapparatus
  3. PhDinTHC always made me laugh

  4. Never seen that, but that's a kick ass name!
  5. i like the "poodog" or something like that
    thought it was funny
  6. The shit in the hot dog bun sig gets me every time.

    EDIT: apparently I was trying to use only 3 letter words...
  7. not me..but idk... theres a lot of nifty names in the city
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    I like Glopipop and Ganjacologist.

    Oh yeah and Dan Gleesac, if you get it.

  9. Agreed. I wouldn't know where to begin.
  10. I just now got Dan Gleesac and that's the best name. no contest

    dangly sac lololololololol
  11. <----------------
  12. lol i never got that until now
    funny stuff right there
  13. AugustWest most definitely. Wharf Rat is one of my favorite songs.

  14. :laughing:

    I so can't believe I never realized that until now.

    I've always been a fan of GlopiPop too, it's so fun to say. :smoking:

    I like Deutschbag too. :p
  15. mine sucks

    but it was my friends account, i just took over
  16. I would say that BillDavis guy...
  17. tee 8sh see by far
  18. I am personally a fan of my own.

    High 'Til I Die = HiTiLiDi
  19. I always like Junkiedays, burntwaffle, and PHDinTHC.

    Mine sucks, but it's named after my little blue baby, my '68 Bronco :D

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