Who has straightedge/non smoking friends who routinely yell @ them for blazing?

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  1. Well for me, there were two friends who I actually have grown apart from, that used to always discourage my smoking. Really cramped my style... and we were'nt that close anymore anyway, so we kind of stopped hanging out.

    But now I have this really cool straightedge friend JJ, whos parents are pretty strict. Me and my friend Eric showed up blazed @ her house last night, she already knew we'd be coming, just not that we would be high. Of course she's nervous over her parents impending arrival, and the fact taht I drove high, etc. I reassured her and everything seemed fine... and of course I let her know when I was home safe @ the end of the night, after driving Eric home (and smokin a couple more bowls of course). Haha.
    But then this morning she let me know that she needs to talk to me, so its like
    JJ (this is all via text)- Ash, I need to talk to you @ school.
    Me- Ok... is it about me?
    JJ- Yes.
    Me- OH CRAP.
    JJ- Exactly.

    So, I'm all like, oh shiiiiit! So hopin she isnt too pissed over anything... the worst would be if she got like caught or something. Damn. That would suck... so wish me luck talkin to her in like 30 mins!
  2. Lol, tell us how it works out. I'm laughin my ass off at that shit. STRAIGHT EDGE! LOL! NONE SMOKING???? I'm rolling around on the floor here!

    They should send all straight edge kids to my part of Germany for a year, when there around 14 or 15. When they come back, they will smoke Cigarettes, smoke weed everyday, and will have probably tried speed or cocaine at some time.
  3. nah, thats probably just you :D
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    Ive never had an officially straight edge friend, but I had one who basically followed its tenets from being religious (even though alot of straight edge people arent religious the two can work well together). He would make fun of me for smoking, in a nice funny way. One example that comes to mind is when we were walking around on a lawn and this conversation ensues:

    me: wow this lawn is full of weeds (not the ones to smoke, the kind that makes a lawn look like shit), someone should come around and fix that.

    my friend: well why dont you just smoke them.

    me: Um, those aren't the right kind of weeds, it won't make me high. Besides some of these are next to the fence, and are covered in spray paint from the fence being painted.

    my friend: well maybe the paint will get you high

    The funny thing though was this conversation being over heard by the other people in that group resulted in a new smoking buddy for me, lol (we'll change his name to Tim for security purposes). I dont hang out with Tim anymore, but I have made alot of smoking friends off that non-smoking/slightly anti weed kid. Infact, all but one of the smoking friends I have are either directly or indirectly a result of knowing him. Either spinoff friends, or spinoff of spinoff friends.

    However, one day he did get mad for some reason. When I was getting ready to smoke with Tim, I was like "hey after me and Tim smoke do you want us to come over to your house while we are high?" He says "no, I should just call the cops on you for smoking." He didnt and he never said that again, but I dont know if he was kidding he sounded serious. I dont know why he got so mad.

    He also has said things during times where like I misplace something or I cant keep up with him running wise or whatever, usually something like "well thats what weed does to you." Or another time he invited me over to his house to play halo and I said Im gonna smoke weed actually. And hes like "you dont have to put dangerous substances in your body to have fun." Whenever someone says something like that I just think to myself "no, but it helps," lol.

    Another time he saw that m&m's picture with the weed everywhere around the plastic m&m's figurnes and he says look its the two Eric's (names changed, referring to me and another friend of his that smokes, who I am also friends with, that has the same name as me, not the same person as Tim). Another kid there says "what [are you talking about]?" and he says "oh, you would have to know them."
  5. i have some friends that buy into all the crap about it being addicting and dangerous and ill go crazy or something. alot of times i want to hit them but they have a vagina so i cant.
  6. ^Dude... Lol.

    Straight edge people watch me from a moderate distance, with binoculars. (Usually.)
  7. ive known a few people who do drugs i dont approve of but i dont yell at them or anything. i bust their balls if the case warrants it though.
  8. I had a straight edge friend in like 10th grade, he would always invite me to these football games, and hockey games with his family, and to church, but id always end up blazeing anyway and throwin in eyedrops before I got to his house.
  9. most of my friends are "straight-edge" and none of them give me any grief, all have tried the green and all feel Alcohol is worse. They simply choose to not smoke it with any noticeable frequency.

    My girlfriend and I toke up most nights of the week. :smoking:
  10. Hahaaaaa. Me and Eric have been contemplating giving all our straightedge friends pot brownies... maybe we will just send 'em all over there for a bit :D
  11. LMAO. Well... I have one too- want me to come over and hit them for ya? Girl on girl fights are more than fair. I'd be more than happy too- knock all that annoying ignorance out of 'em :devious:
  12. Nicee :) And yea, I'd have to agree with them there that alcohol is worse, IMO it's a lot more addictive, damaging and can turn a situation dangerous. But in moderation I think, like pretty much anything, a little booze isn't bad ;) I def. prefer weed tho, from my experiences thus far :smoking:
  13. it sucks

    they tell you its a waste of time and money and how are you supposed to explain why it isn't to someone who isn't under the influence of mary jane?

    stupid kids :smoke:
  14. Oh, and the conclusion to this story was just JJ telling me that she was pissed me and Eric found her anger so funny last night :p (I honestly couldnt help it, maybe if it was just me w/o Eric encouraging my bad side I'd have taken her more seriously... haha i shouldnt blame him. JJ was reminding me of my aunt regardless, something about her seemingly irrational anger and tone of voice. So I found the whole sitch pretty f-ing hilarious :rolleyes:)
    But anywho, from now on I'm just going to be sure she is not aware of the times I drive blazed.. she really does not understand what worse things I could be doing, and its just the suburbs I drive thru from any of our houses, while high. Driving drunk, now THAT'S bad. But driving high, I just go slower, and so long as I have KRock or some other rock music on, am an extremely focused driver :)
  15. Nope, turned all my friends to pot heads
  16. exaaaactly. get a sense of humor, straightedge ppl, or @ least an open mind. And if you've got neither of those... hell you're a worse waste of my time than the weed I'm smoking. To you, I say goodbye :wave:
  17. I generally try not to tell straightedge people that I'm a stoner... they just won't get it ya know. However I am respectful in the manner that I will not get stoned and hang out with straightedge people. I basically keep it a secret from everyone who isn't a stoner.....:D
  18. Lol yea, that is prob the smartest way to go about it, I most likely would not have made it so obvious that we were blazed, if it werent for the fact that JJ is awesome and from Cali, where half her friends were on drugs of some sort... sucks that her parents would immediately assume she's doing it too, if they found out about me and Eric :p
    Despite her worrying, and having to somewhat shield her from the full extent of my blazed antics (driving, hotboxing/clambaking, etc.), I think its pretty awesome that she feels content just chillin w/ us, while not smoking any herself. TBH, I'm sure I pretty much look like a dumbtard half the time when I'm stoned, to sober ppl... not that I care though :) I am almost always having a pretty freaking awesome time :D
  19. Nicee :) Wish I had some of those mad skillz :rolleyes:
  20. Lol I had a straightedge friend that would basically like give me this weird look everytime I even mentioned getting high. He was super against. Then one day he basically said fuck it, now he smokes with me a lot. It was a nice turn around.:p

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