Who has seen Modest Mouse live?

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  1. The best show I have ever seen to date.

  2. he puts on a great show.

    I saw him at the les schwab ampitheater in bend.

    the breeders opened.
  3. Great! Talkdemoic opened up.

  4. what song did isaac open with?

    for me it was fire it up:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciagvq816tI]Modest Mouse - Fire It Up - YouTube[/ame]

  6. Seen dudes in music store by my old house.
  7. Portland?
  8. damn that's a good opener I love that song
  9. Yeah good song, my favorite. I even have MM ink done and have a backpiece being started for the whale song.
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    Love MM, but have never seen them live.

    I wish I could have seen them when they were headlining Sasquatch some odd years ago.

    Edit: My memory sucks. They headlined this year. But I was thinking of 2008 because of the numerous amount of awesome performers that year.
  11. i really need to see them asap
    i have the balloon from that album tattooed on my bicep
    modest mouse speaks volumes to me
  12. I'm seen them several times, they ranged from fairly good to to quite poor shows, although I think they were pretty drunk one time when I saw them so that could explain their terribleness.

  13. i was told the reason why the show I went to was so awesome, was because he had just recently sobered up. (from hard drugs and alcohol)
  14. Saw them at Leeds Festival 2010. Great, didn't know a thing about them before the set but loved them afterwards.
  15. I want to see them live so goddamn bad! I've wanted to for years but they never come around here and the one time they did, I didn't find out until the day before =/ I honestly wish I could've seen them before No One's First aand You're Next though...Not a fan.
  16. I saw them live earlier this year at a festival, I was tripping quite hard when they were on and didn't really focus on there music too much, however I remember having quite a vividly euphoric experience when they played Float On.

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