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Who has joind the mile "high.." club?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420mary, May 11, 2011.

  1. Jw, if u dk wat I'm asking hav u ever smoked in a plane or at any high" altitudes?
  2. That would be crazy! I think I would sketch out... :smoke:
  3. Yes I have flown high a few times, never on a commercial flight - been paramotoring while stoned over Provence once that was fairly trippy :D
  4. i have, when there was smoking allowed on planes..

    can't really get away with it anymore i wouldn't think

    i think he's talking about actually smoking on the plane.. not getting high before a flight..

    or do you mean that you flew a plane while high?

    that's pretty trippy..
  5. I've never smoked at high altitudes but I've been high while a mile high.

    Ate a brownie before my plane to Vienna took off :p
  6. damn i'd love to smoke on a plane. the only problem is getting it on the plane. and then even if you can do that, you have the problem of smoking it. god damn smoke alarms.
  7. I've smoked in Nepal up in the Himalayas, greatest experience of my life, does that count?
    I also ate a spacecake before I went airport for the flight home from Dam, bugged out on that flight...
  8. lol nothing better I think ha ha :smoke:

  9. Packed the MFLB up, put a G in a cleaned toothpaste container. Hit that shit in the bathroom.

    Landed in the dominican hours later in a daze.
  10. dad owns a plane so yup. I dont go up often but it really is nice to smoke then go up and just cruise and look around, it really is nice. I dont actually fly it or anything so...
  11. #11 420mary, May 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Yea getting hi on the plane and or top of mountain
  12. Yes both those count
  13. i smoked just before i went to the airport and was high for the beginning of the flight. Takeoff was trippy.
  14. You cant smoke on an airplane. I cant see in anyway how that could be possible unless it was your own plane
  15. no, but it is seriously on my list now.
  16. harold and kumar trip to Guantanamo bay nuff said
  17. I do that everyday, seeing as most of the front range in CO is over a mile. unfortunately I can't say I've smoked on a plane , though I'll probably bring some tincture next time I fly.

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