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Who has been to Amsterdam?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im the weedman, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. hey everyone-

    I am a new member here, although i have been checking the site and forums for a couple months now....

    well, anyway, i was just wondering if any people on here have ever been to Amsterdam?

    if so, post your stories/feedback/comments about it.
  2. I live in the uk and i have been to the dam 3 experience everyone should try to have at least once...i heard a lot of american accents whilst i was there in the guy was so chuffed to be in the bulldog ( coffeeshop ) he kept saying i cant believe im here !!! much to mu amusement ( then he got so stoned he couldnt talk..even funnier !!! ) anyway if you do go dont stray too far from dam square cos most of the shops and the sedbank/museum are around there and check out the pancake shop in the Leidsplein...its great when you got munchies !!!!

    ill post pics if anyone wants...youll love first score is photod in all its glory lol ( purplr sensimilla !!!! _
  3. ok ill get working on the pics...take me a little while to scan some good ones for my next post ( galvanized )
  4. :(

    i've been.

    for all of two hours which i spent the with my face pressed against the airport window looking out, a lone tear rolling down my cheek. :(

    next time i hope to be there for longer and to actually leave the airport. :D
  5. Passed through a couple of times, but, like Digit, I didn't have time or opportunity to taste the local fruit. :(

    Next time however, I'll make up for it
  6. ive been there..... unfortunately just the airport, before the flight from amsterdam to barcelona. oh well, i got hash in barc. anyway. id really love to spend a week in amsterdam though
  7. Skreebly; what did you thinkof the hash in barcelona?

    mmm pollem
  8. Been To Dam b4 it was goooooood stuff jus chillin in the coffeeshops getting so fucked off the finest Dam has to offer. Going back next month for a few days and give myself another undeserved break :D
  9. the hash in barcelona was amazing, id never even seen hash before that, and it only took a small bowls worth to get me really blazed
  10. can you post those pictures? and also do they let you leave the coffee shops with bud? and also is there coffee in the coffeeshops
  11. Amsterdamn is absolutely awesome. My friend and I got to our hotel a little early,say 1pm and our room wasn't ready yet so we left our bags at the front desk. Needless to say we didn't check in until the following day! We were literally running around the city like kids on Christmas morning with a map we had with some shops marked off. Within a few minutes we see what looks like a shop but nothing on the outside that was too obvious. All of a sudden some guy comes bursting out smoking a huge Amsterdamn joint laughing his ass off. I guess this is the place we said in unison! When we walked in and sat at the bar it was awesome. People were sittting around smoking bong,pipes whatever and everyone was having a blast. Who was German, who was from California, it was a cornucopia of pot smokers. So we ordered our first gram of many and went to town. Best day ever and you'll never forget the first coffee house you go to. About three hours later the bartender (who was cool as hell) said "damn, are you guys stoned yet". Great time.
  12. Its also legal in some parts of canada ... canada is now kool...

  13. Damn, sounds like a great time! I was supposed to go last summer but our plans got screwed up b/c of he war. well hopefully we can go next summer and do exactly what you did! How much did the trip end up costing you and how long did you stay?
  14. i've been to the dam for some times...will be there next week again to get information about the university, because i want to study there :)

    amsterdam is a great city and it has the best weed around the world :) i love it (the dam and the weed *g*...)


  15. I just came back last evening from dam.

    well first to those of you whom haven't been there for a ong time (myself: 10years)

    the city HAS CHANGED.

    near the central station you have: policement everywhere, expensive coffe shops, crapy stuff.
    a bit further away from the station, there are no cops anymore, but junkies in alleys, pickpockets searching for that stoned tourist to steal from...
    a bit more futher you get to the amsterdam for amstellodamois the coffeshops where they go, etc etc...

    redlight district is the only thing that hasn't change, or so i've been told, because it was my first time there.


    there are fucking rules in amsterdam.

    It is not because that the law allows you to smoke in certain areas (exclusively home/cofffeshops) that there are no law anymore.

    I saw narco-tourists roll/smoke their joints on bridges, sitting right there in the streets like junkies...

    I've seen people so fucking high they didn't even try to behave properly in shops, restaurents, waiting lines, etc etc...

    no wonder they want to change the law so that it's not alloweded to smoke in coffeshops anymore, because like that narcotourism will not be legaly possible.

    they are fed up of people comming to amsterdam to enjoy the freedom towards majiruana and not behave at all.

    plus there are many tourists traps.

    don't buy pre-rolled joints, you're not sre what's inside.
    when you buy don't forget the HELLO-GOODBY.
    oh, and look in the eyes when you say hello and when you hand over the money: il will be taken as a mark of respect, and the attitude behind the counter will change. try it.

    you can bargain every price, and if you're good, you can realy get to 50% (not on weed, but on anything else).
    one good way to do it:

    know the train departure timetable of the day (the sellers know it) say you are leaving you've only got left xx euros, that you want this item. this works quite well.

    you cannot pay with your credit card in shops. (this is done on purpose for bank money-making). so pull out at least 100 euros everytime you find a moneymachine that will cost you less.
    (it seems the best rate in machines are those two machines inside the ibis hotels _ not verified)

    when looking at the menu, if there are not many people waitin', you may ask to see the stuff you wanna buy, it helps, because they have very common names (skunk, white widow, for eg) and very weird names (i can't recall, sorry, but specialy for hash).

    always have something to eat/drink in you bag because even half of a bread crumb wil be sold to you, even if you are dying for it.

    the people, the amstellodamois (french adjective that means live in amsterdam) THEY ARE NOT FRIENDLY NO MORE.

    they are tollerant, but not to that point where 3days out of 7 the streets are covered with stoners that just do not behave.

    oh, and the city is nice if it's sunny, AND FUCKING SHITTY IF IT's not sunny.

    marijuana narco tourism has completly corrupted the city.
    it's still a fantastic experience to have:

    "hi there, I'll have a beer, and a bag of skunk please"

    ps: i bought miself some cactus seeds !!! yummy ..
  16. I can't wait to have your opinion on this previous post...
  17. ive been six times and had a great time but i get as good weed here as you do in amstardam

  18. Actually the trip was a gift to me for my 30th birthday but it wasn't that expensive at all. I'd say between the plane trip (from Newark,NJ) and the room maybe $6-700 a man plus your spending money. But I would have to say that I found the food a little lacking. Thre is a big Indonesian influence and we found some cool spots but not much of a selection. Then again I had the muchies the whole trip and I was probably fiending for some comfort food! One thing that was funny was that none of the natives I met smoked blunts (which I smoke almost exclusively) and they were quite curious when I started scrappping a philli in one of the shops...people we met were pretty cool though and everyone spoke Dutch and English. The Bulldogs (coffeehouse) are like the Mcdonalds of coffee houses over there. The key is finding a coffeeeshop that also sells alcohol-that is heaven!

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