Who has a pet snake?

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    I really want to get a ball python, but I have a couple of questions.

    1. Someone I knew used to have a turtle and the tank smelled like shit and made his entire room smell, will the snakes cage do this too?

    2. I want to have my snake outside of his/her cage semi often because i want to bond with it, Will i have to worry about it pissing on me? (pretty stupid question, but I had a lizard as a young kid and it used to piss of me often, I was gentile with it and bonded with it often, but it was really gross)

    3. Do i have to feed my snake live mice, or can I feed it frozen mice? and do I have to pick up the mouse the day I feed it? (I read once a week) And do I keep the mice in a cage or what.... lol I need an explanation on this one

    4. How often should I clean the cage, and how thorough should I clean when I do clean?

    Thank you for anyone that helps :D Im excited to get my snake, I hope to get him next week.

    EDIT: oh, also I found a local exotic pet store's website that sells baby ball pythons for $20, can this be possible? at petsmart they sell for $75. here is the site http://www.sandsexoticanimals.com/
  2. I reccomend going to Barnes and Noble and buying some literature on the type of snake that you want. I own a corn snake and I can tell you now that it's well worth it to get some professional ideas. Hell, you don't even have to buy the book just sit there and read it. I don't want to leave out any important information but...

    1. My snake's cage doesn't smell up the room, but the area just around the cage does smell. You need to clean it, however.

    2. My snake shat on me once, they do not deficate or urinate often, though.

    3. Frozen mice are often refused by snakes, I went with crickets when it was young and then live mice. The frequency of feeding will vary greatly throughout its life, mine went from eating every week to every month and now it hasn't eaten in nearly 6 months now that it is getting on the old side.

    4. Replace the bedding, go outside and find new sticks for its environment and wash out the cage at least every couple of months, or whenver it smells.

    Oh, and only buy ANY pet from a good, CLEAN pet store and no big chains because for one thing, they will rip you off and they will also sell diseased pets that will die soon after being purchased if it is not a clean place.
  3. thanks man :)
    does anyone else have anything to comment? anyone have a python?
    what did it cost?
  4. I just recently last year was looking into a ball python. After seeing a Brizilian Rainbow Boa i fell in love! They dont get as big as a regular boa but they really arnt beginner snakes either. Mine is high maintnence and i clean my cage usually once a week, and refill water every day.... A rainbow boa requires very high humidity so my cage has to be cleaned a lot more often than most to resist mold....A ball python is a very good first snake and is very good with being handled even by children. You can pick up the ball python at petco for under 80$. But you can get some offline by reputible breeders for like 20$. Petco also has a basic snake starter kit for 39.99. All you need is a small 20 gallon aqaurium 20-30$. Snakes can go months without eating but i feed mine every 2-3 weeks.....i fed her smaller live mice once a week until she was one year old, not she eats a bigger mouse, small rat once every 2-3 weeks. Have any more questions then just ask
  5. obligatory my penis is a snake joke here.:D
  6. Here are some pics of my girl.....shes about 3 1/2 feet now but i can still fit my hand around her biggest point

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  7. thats an awesome snake

    i could smoke and watch it for hours.
  8. Hey there!!

    I have 2 ball pythons :D

    Ok, well I can't really give you a price as I'm from South Africa, so my prices are completely different to yours (I paid... About... 225$ for my two), However, I can highly recommend them as a first snake. They are one of the most gentle natured snakes I've ever kept, and I've only ever heard of one bite from them. They're pretty easy to keep, they require quite warm temps, 24-32 degrees celsius(no idea what that is in fahrenheit). One of mine crapped on me once, it was quite gross, but nothing a quick change of pants didn't fix.

    Where I come from, people prefer feeding frozen, or fresh killed to prevent the rodents hurting the snake, I feed mine every 4-5 days, but thats cause they are young. When they get older they get fed every 1-2 weeks.

    Erm... with regards to cleaning, quick an easy is to use newspaper an throw it out every week, or get some kind of carpet and take that out once a week and brush it down.

    Hope this helped some
  9. Well...I have a 15' 90lb Burmese Python.

    She (yes it's a female) doesn't smell...nor does her cage...although she roams free 90% of the time and has my saltwater pool to swim/cool off in.

    I feed her fresh whole chicken with supplements.

    As far as cleaning the cage of a snake...you have to when necessary. If you can't do so...then don't get a snake.

    Plus a snake is a LONG TERM COMMITTMENT...keep that in mind.

    Look for one on Craigslist, personally I wouldn't buy one from a Petstore.

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    dont feed the snake in its cage.

    i take mine out, put the tub stopper in the bathtub and put him in there and drop a mouse in.

    this next line might be illegal, but eh. i like to get the mice high and hotbox their little baggy before i feed them to the snake.
    If you know it's against the rules, then why are you talking about it??? Maybe, had you not known that it was against the rules, you would have received just a warning but you blatantly broke the rules.*RMJL

    i dont know, i like to think it helps them a little, seeing as how they're bout to have every last drop of air squeezed from their body.

    ive bought 2 snakes from a pet store. one on the last day of 2003? when miami lost to ohio state in ncaa football.
    hes stil alive and well.

    then aball python a few months ago, died within a week and only got me store credit for $25....
  11. yeah my python just stays in my pants.
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    Holy shit, she is huge. Is she kinda just like a dog that roams around your house, only it's a snake lol. Not to be a pest but can you upload some pictures (especially one of her in the pool, that's so funny)

    To everyone else: Thank all of you guys for the help :) It seems like everyone gets shit on at least once by their snake, but I guess I'll have to accept that.

    To Wicked: :laughing: lol, thanks for the advice and the laughes, sorry I got you in trouble though :eek:

    EDIT: Also one other question, Do you buy the frozen mouse the day you feed it to your snake? And do you have to thaw it out and warm it up? and is it gross? lol, I kinda feel bad having to feed him/her another animal
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  14. You SHOULD be able to get frozen mice from a reptile pet shop. Defrosting is pretty easy, u jus put the frozen mouse go a ziplock bag and stick it into a sink full of warm water give it bout 15min, then take it out, push its tummy to make sure everything inside is defrosted, also make sure it isn't too hot. Should be a bit warmer than room temp. Then u put the snake in a tub with it an 15min later it should be gone
  15. I had one but it ate my kitten so we had to give it away :\

  16. Sorry...naturaly those pictures would show where I live...and I can't do that due to obvious reasons...


    PS: Just imagine a fairly large snake with a few windings in and a few out of a pool.
    It's really not that special, I don't have anyone come to my house though. :cool:
  17. Yes it's in my pants.
  18. Man your fuckin lucky... i wish my snake would eat my wifes cat, i hate that fuckin thing

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