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Who has a great dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KreenAkrore, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Be it, a legal shop or an illegal one.

    Just wanna know which ones out there smoke you up and you can chill with and never short you on bud are always on point.

    No greedy ones.

    Basically, dealers that are friends?
  2. My dealer is a friend of my fathers, and every once in a while I'll roll a joint up and we'll smoke before i pick up a QuarterPounder.
  3. Mine is my cousin, so, of course we always chill and play some cod or something. And I get an extra .2 in every sack :)
  4. My dealer used to be just a buddy of mine that i shared english class with, him and i started actually kickin it though and we have a lotta trust in each other nowadays. Hes a good friend of mine now. Everytime i buy we get a fat smoke out goin
  5. My dealer is a long time friend. A lot of perks come with that combination. :D

    In fact, just today I swung by for a slice of dank, and ended up getting my hair cut and a home-cooked meal. :smoke:
  6. [quote name='"Defiled Cross"']My dealer is a long time friend. A lot of perks come with that combination. :D

    In fact, just today I swung by for a slice of dank, and ended up getting my hair cut and a home-cooked meal. :smoke:[/quote]

    Does your dealer happen to be your mom? Lol jk
  7. I am very fortunate to be close friends with my two main dealers. It's always a smoke sesh when i buy weed and a round or 5 of some FIFA 12
  8. nice bro, i fucking love getting my hair cut high as fuck, then munchin out =)
    BUT you my friend get it done all in one place! +rep
  9. I have fucking wonderful dealers, and I appreciate it. So glad that I don't have to deal with sketchy fuckin' dudes.
  10. Alas, I have a sketchy dealer. The kind that says '1 hour', then an hour later, 'half an hour', then half an hour later, '10 minutes', then 10 minutes later, half an hour on the other side of town.
  11. Good to hear there's good people out there.

    Weed shouldn't need sketchy dealers, to sell. Just fellow lovers of weed making money off of other fellow weed lovers.

    What a triangle.
  12. DAve chapelle , his dealer went to weed college
  13. I wish I had a consistent one, just gotta find whoevers good so its like a new person every month or so unfortanatly
  14. I have been rather blessed to have several dealers who are good friends. My main dealer went to high school with me for all four years. Same college too. So whenever I want to smoke I go to him with 10 bucks, he throws in the other 10 and we have a 5-9 person session going with joints, blunts, gas masks, bongs, all going around at one time or another. My dealer is my boy haha. I always get hookups, and the fact that he has an entire house to himself forever is badass. And when he isnt around or hasnt re-stocked, I have another dealer I went to middle school with, one I went to elementary with, one who has no problems meeting me across town, and two more who are just some chill ass people haha
  15. Seth Rogan has a good dealer too , he gives douchbags snicklefrits
  16. i have a great one!

  17. i hate gettin a haircut high, they ALWAYS know
  18. I'd give a discount if someone told me they're from grasscity...well ok maybe not but it'd definitely couldn't hurt.
  19. yea i been buying from this guy for about 3 years and recently he started growing and hooks it up every time and smokes me out on concentrates.
  20. My friend introduced me to his dude. I recognized him from before since he worked for this other dude I knew. Anyway hes a really nice guy. Told me that if my stash ever runs out I can go to his and smoke as much as I please for free. He also hooks up these peppers for free so I can make hot sauce out of them.

    About to head over there now to pickup :D

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