Who has a dad who smokes?

Discussion in 'General' started by Havok Se7en, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Or parents/mom?

    My dad smokes, and it's awesome. He just picked up 5.5 grams of some sticky weed and we just smoked!:smoking:

    And we go smoke and then go out to eat too. :hello:

    We've bonded so much more with weed!:smoke:
  2. I feel the same way dude. The 1st time I smoked it was with my dad. And its funny cause we both have to sneak around my mom to smoke our weed so we find that amusing haha. My pops is da man :D
  3. why dont you guys watch some porn together... to really fuse the bond.

  4. i know how that is

    theres a lot of threads about this though
  5. My dad used to smoke alot, but as of two weeks or so he's got a new construction job working for the county and he had to quit smoking to pass the UA's.
    But he used to everyday, i remember when i found his half pound:)
  6. Family Guy did an episode on this phenom, with Brian and his son. I firmly believe that during the teen years, a father sharing a joint with a son, is far more beneficial than a father sharing a beer with a son.

    Your kids have problems too, so when all else fails, sometimes smoking a J with them will finally break that barrier, or at least put nicks into it.

    Ultimately, that's what parents want anyway. To connect or reconnect with their kids.

    Nothing beats a joint and a little PS3 between pop and son. Something only available in this day and age, since PS3 didn't exactly exist 20 years ago :)
  7. Lol....plus rep for making me burst out laughing randomly in front of everyone hahahahaha
  8. I know my Dad used to smoke, how recently I don't know. I was recently on vacation with just me, him, and my grandmother, and he mentioned weed twice in conversations. Wonder if he wanted to smoke up with me lol.
  9. my stepdad does but he and my mom dont get along so I gotta be all inconspicuous about it, there were alot of things he hooked me up with a ton of cool stuff behind my moms back like my bass and a car and shit like that, Ive never smoked with him but we're real tight,gave me a 1/2 a couple days ago
  10. My father, who is a doctor, tokes daily. He's secretive about it though, so we never toke.
  11. I know a lot of doctors who toke :)

    Even when it's legal, it's gonna be one of those things that professionals do not want labeled to them.

    Doctors have a good reason to be secretive about it. I would personally never see a doctor negatively just cause he smoked weed, but it's kinda like society expects those most in care of us to do the right thing, and at least so far as it is now, weed is still the wrong thing
  12. My dad smokes and does drugs! It has proven to be a shitty thing.
  13. my dad and i have smoked before, but its not something he regularly does. he breaks enough laws as it is.
  14. My grandma smokes, but neither one of my parents do. Grandma has been smoking for 40+ years.
  15. LOL I've always wondered, where do older people get from?
  16. Get what from? Where does she get her weed? She has a dealer. And she used to grow back in the day.
  17. Yes I mean weed. Are there like older dealers around or does she get from the neighborhood kid like some 30/40-somethings do?
  18. I'm pretty sure her dealer is older. Definitely not some kid.
  19. I think it's easier to get it when you're older. I'm 31, and I know at least 20 friends back home who have some at some point. Many grow, some just buy down the chain, some are now getting medical marijuana, etc, etc.

    As I've gotten older, it has gotten consistently easier to find more, and better quality weed among my friends.

    When I was a teenager, I had to go through friends. Then, I had to go through a dealer for a while. Eventually I just went back through friends again.
  20. Mom, dad, sister and brothers all smoke. I knew they all smoked so when I was 17 I tried it and they didnt approve at first but knew if it was done responsibly then no harm can come through it. Now 2 years later we all smoke together.

    I don't need to hide anything anymore thank god. :D

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