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Who got you into THE HERB?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Billys lad, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I've heard of some pretty crazy situations of people first few times.
  2. After a regatta, boating back to my cottage, my sisters and cousin stopped in the middle of the lake, and forced me to smoke when I was 13.
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    Had a buddy who was older than me and a virgin in Fullerton, Cali. Taught him how to pickup girls and he taught me how to smoke weed. Only thing was, I never smoked with him, just watched. Few weeks later couple dudes get into two cars at highschool, roll into an alley and pass it around. When the j was gone a few dudes got outta one car and into the other and it drove off to school, this was highschool years ago mind you.

    So when the coast was clear this weird dude in the front seat who was like 25, had never graduated and was always walking up to the school tryna score with chicks and bud pulls out a fat sack and goes, "glad they're gone, let's smoke"

    We drove to a fast food place and everyone chipped in a few bucks. All burgers.

    We drove off to some rich hoity toity neighborhood where everyone had two story white houses and it looked like something out of a corny movie. We pull over and I was like, wtf are we doing here? We were a carpool of Asians, Mexicans, blacks and whites. We looked like hoodlums, but the car was brand new cuz the Asian kids dad owned a car lot.

    They turn to me and go, "cops don't patrol rich neighborhoods bro." and they were right. The chronic came aroudn and I passed, but everyone else was having a great time so when it came back, I hit it. Then it came around and I hit it again. I'll never forget the smell lingering in my mouth, nose, and lungs, the smell of the car, the cool ass environment, the way the weed crackled a little in the glass spoon and the free feeling I felt, as connections in my brain shook hands and freed my mind a little.

    I got out of the car!

    Wtf are you doin man, get back in here!?!

    I get back in and we drive off to Fullerton high school, pulling in the back by the car shop. I got out and everyone dispersed. I stumbled towards my classroom, collapsing in my seat in time for the history test to fall in front of me. I scanned the first question, but forgot the beginning as I reached the end of the sentence.

    School ended at 1, as I was on an earlier track and I had to be at work at 2, two miles away. I ran to work to try to kill the high but couldn't. I got to work and my manager at this togos sandwhich shop was the most white trash nasty trailer park broad you could imagine. Her sister was the store manager and only hired her because she was probably semi retarded or something, but most definitely socially retarded, asking me to call my doctor grandfather from work once, to ask about a sex rash...ewww.

    She puts me on dishes and when my grandmother arrived to get me (my 65 year old grandfathers 40 year old wife, younger than my mom) that night, the stupid manager says, don't come to work'"like that' anymore, haha, you were so funny!"

    Like what asks my grandma.

    Nothing I'm tired, let's go home.

    She pulls over and interrogates me on the way home but I wouldn't say a word, though she was screaming at me.

    I went straight to bed and when they picked me up from school the next day, unexpectedly, they drove me to the local p.d. They said they knew I smoked weed and had forced me into the police cadets. Worse, everyone knew why I was there, because they made it a point to tell everyone in front of me and the mistreatment began.

    But that's another story, for another thread..... ;)
  4. at a party about 7 years ago some coworkers busted out a bowl. I was already trashed but decided to try it.

    I was 21 which is pretty hilarious since I now know most of my younger siblings smoked all through junior high and high school. Since that fateful day I have smoked around an ounce per month without fail, sometimes more. I'd say 1-2 grams per day.
  5. I was in math class in 6th grade and these kids were taking about they had weed and i was like "yo you got anything for me" and the was like yea, he them proceeded to roll a paper joint for me and i went home later that day and smoked it, nothing happened and i was sad so i called my mom and told her and she was like you must be allergic to it. She was trying to scare me to not do it again.

    So spring break came by and i went to my house and my brother was like "i heard you smoked weed and nothing happened here try this shit" he hands me a hookah hose and told me to rip it. As I'm hitting the hookah my mom walks in and said "god dammit you guys started without me" so for my first time getting high i got high with my mom and my brother.
  6. Richard of the Warlock Shop in San Diego! It was at a Halloween party (curfew was 10 pm back then for kids, so we had a late party). :D
  7. high school friends and i smoked with a lot of my family
  8. Smoked for the first time on my graduation night from high school with my cousin who had been promising to bring some to me from the city for ages. It was awesome as I was already hammered lol.
  9. My best friend brought over some medical brownies from cali. Shit was crazy :hippie:

    Ate them at 11pm and was baked until noon the next day, all through (high school) graduation rehearsals lol
  10. My imaginary friend jesus
  11. smelled my pops skunky shit in his office, pinched from it fired up a bowl and realized i should stay highhhhhh
  12. Early sophomore year in high school I visited my sister at college. I went to her friend's place (her name was Allie and she was 25, my sister was 19) with my sister's male friend who was also 19. When I got there the guy, my sister, and her friend were all ripping the bong but I decided to pass for the time being. I told them, though, that I had actually just picked up a dub sack 2 weeks before and tried to smoke it on a snowboarding trip but I pussied out cause I didn't want to get caught.

    So the next day around 3pm my sister said "Hey, Allie said she's going to get you high tonight. I guess she'll pack you a bowl." I had no clue what a bowl was and I kind of looked at her funny but just said okay, cool.

    Later that night we went to Allie's place and chilled out. I was drinking a lot with everyone and they got out the bong. They tried to tell me how to hit it and my sister lit the bowl and pulled it for me but I had no clue how to hit it. I think on my fourth try I finally managed to get some smoke, and I got a bit on my fifth or sixth too.

    Now it was some pretty good weed, so it managed to get in a bit on my buzz despite the mixed drinks and I felt different. We were watching The Voice and I hated watching it, but suddenly Cee Lo Green came on the screen in a full white suit except for a red scarf, on a full white chair. I literally thought his whole body was the scarf and his head and started laughing my ass off and trying to explain it to everyone, (who then said I was definitely high), and then by their suggestion I stood up and finally knew what it was like to get high :D

    Overall a really good time although I was way more drunk than I was high, it was so chill and secure as compared to how I would smoke the next 10 times or so with my friends in parks and in the woods.
  13. Not a good story=/ Just wanted to start smokng ahaha.
  14. I started out smoking synthetic weed (IT'S TERRIBLE) because I wanted to escape reality and get high and I had no hookups. However, after most of the synthetic shit was made illegal I quit smoking for a few weeks but I still longed for getting high. I started talking to a cowoker and found out that he smoked weed. I went over to his house after work one day and smoked a joint filled with DANK weed. He then brought me over to his dealers house the next day and I finally had a reliable hookup - been smoking ever since.
  15. Fist time i went to mexico in december is the first time i kissed my wife maryjane xD...and its hella cheap over there and $5 U.S. which = 50 mexicans pesos would get us around an ounce of weed.. And its pretty decent weed and 50 pesos would get us half an ounce of kush godamn i cannot wait to go to mexico this december cause i didnt het to go last december ;/
  16. My friend got me smoking. It's funny because before I smoked at a regular rate, he was against weed and whenever we were with his sister he would never smoke.. But soon he started to smoke and he had a plug. He would always smoke me up. After a while I found a dealer cuz I am not just gonna smoke my guys weed for free all the time.
  17. My best friend finally convinced me to smoke out of his Magic Flight. We hit a couple bowls and I was keyed
  18. When I was in tenth grade I met a guy that was in ninth grade and we became pretty good friends. I remember he asked me if I'd blazed and I said no and he said he hadn't either. We both mutually agreed itd be worth trying! So we smoked together for the first time and neither of us really felt it lol. But ya we were kind of in different friend groups and different grades so we didn't hang out a lot rest of high school, we've blazed a few times since then though
  19. Working for a Pizzeria. Nuff said.
  20. Worker at Burger King. Lol

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