Who gives BJ's

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, May 16, 2003.

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  1. I thought I\'d try and get the rest of the sex stuff out in the open!!!

    Who gives blowjobs and who receives?

    I for one will receive one when it is available!!!!!!!

    I have never or will never give one..

    PS If you give.............................................. do you swallow?
  2. I\'ve done it...numerous times. Usually I spit (yeah, so what?!), but I have swallowed a couple of times...that stuff tastes like liquid awful. Actually, I\'ve been told that I\'m very good at it. I have a pretty big tongue and it\'s also pierced, so I guess that helps ;)
  3. There is one.. Where is Higha??? She wanted this thread!
  4. is there gonna be a church for this?
  5. While we\'re on the subject,,,

    A young man walks into a bar and asks the batender for 5 shots of \"the strongest stuff ya got\". The bartender, noticing his youthfulness proceeds to ask for ID. he then explains \"listen, man, i\'m 18, and i just had my first blowjob, can ya cut me a break?\" The bartender thinks back and reemebers not too long ago when he was that age and says \"well, okay, but don\'t tell\" and sets him up 5 shots of the strongest stuff he got. He slams down all 5 shots in a matter of seconds. The bartender asks him \"ya want another one?\" to which the young man replies \"No, if that won\'t get the taste outta my mouth, nothing will!\"

    As far as me givin one, it\'ll never happen, not even at gunpoint. Now, gettin\' one is a different story, assuming she has either all her teeth or none of her teeth, either way it\'s all good. It\'s the ones with like 1 or 2 front teeth ya gotta watch, OUCH!

  6. I will....................not!

    but I\'ll take one. Any lonely females out there offering?
  7. and my momma raised me right...she always said...nice girls don\'t spit!
  8. There was a thread about this a few days ago, I love giving oral, if I like the particular guy enough, and I do swallow. The girls that complain about the taste should have it at the back of their throat when the guy comes, then you don\'t taste it.
  9. thanks for callin me out budhead, ;)...
    blow jobs hmmmm. ok, yea i give em.uuum and cant say it bothers me much. :D
    stuff dooooes taste awful but you definately Must block out what it it looks like
    i really should say this i would find it harder (scuse the pun) to give someone over 9inches a really good blow job,
    now boys,....do you kiss your girls after she\'s been there done that and swallowed???

  10. I used to try to, (ah the good old days) (HA!) I was with a guy for about 2 years the thing was, which was very odd to me, he really didnt like blow jobs. I never thought a guy would say such a thing, but he wouldnt or couldnt cum! lol, I suppose lucky for me, but my friends thought he was gay, which was farthest from the truth. I always wondered about that though, it is pretty odd for a guy.
  11. believe it or not,..lol
    ive heard some men say they think its ,,,like disrespectful to cum ina girls mouth :D coulda been your friends deal, an maybe he just didnt wanna say anything?....

    so BOYS specially bh since this is your post, sooooo do ya kiss?

  12. i believe that, I pretty much thought thats where he was coming from...
  13. I have no trouble blasting in a girls mouth. None at all!

    As far as a kiss goes.................. If she swallows....... i\'ll kiss her all night long!!!

    I hate when a woman (that swallows or spits) that has to rush and wash out their mouth.. Kind of like they don\'t likes it!

  14. what kind of girl wouldnt like a good ol cock in mouth bashing?!?!

  15. One that I don\'t care to know...........

  16. lmao!!!!!!
  17. just like bud said, if the chick swallows i\'ll kiss her... :smoking:
  18. I\'ll take one if she knows how to give one,
    but i\'d much rather work the back door.
  19. Well, of course I give blow jobs. Now what kind of person would I be if I didn\'t?? LOL. But unless I\'m high or drunk, I usually have to have a chaser for when I swallow. (But I have never spit before because that would ruin the whole scenario)!!!!!!!!
  20. I do... I actually like to. I also don\'t spit.

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