Who gets high at work

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  1. I work at the hospital and be working mad high around nurses and doctors....I think it's cool they never call me out on it....cuz I get blasted!! Lol
  2. Yeah man fuck the police
  3. Are you a janitor or something forgive me if I'm wrong.

    I thought they did random drug testing and shit at hospitals
  4. nah not at my new job (first "real" job)

    when i worked at fast food places and retail... yeah.. every second i was there.
  5. i work from home. so yeah like everyday lol
  6. Job? No, I don't get high at work...I get high and work.
  7. I dont have a job lol. cuz me lazy, me smokealotapot.
  8. liar u do stand up and have a damn tv show... ive seen it tosh.0
  9. No because I respect my boss and I don't want to lose my job. I have no problem waiting until I get home.
  10. I did once a long time ago just to see what would happen. Turns out if someone orders three or more items, I won't remember it. I got kicked off the register and was just taking money in the drive thru that whole day.
  11. i used to get stoned and drive the zamboni at a ice rink all night
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    Lol no I'm not a janitor but I do clean dishes haha but for the most part of my job im just walkin around doin nothing looking high lol
  13. Im SO fuckin baked at work right now.

    Sittin in my office with the door shut and listenin to some aesop rock. :D

    So high...
  14. Yup. Ive probably not been stoned at work less than 5 times since my first job.
  15. i used to at my old job...i bought a smoke buddy online to blow the smoke into and would bring my one hitter with about a good 10 bowls worth of bud each day. then at work i would find different spots to toke..i was the grounds keeper at a woodsy RV park so finding spots to toke up was easy...id take the mule down to the woods or go upstairs in the shop and chief up....it was a good 2 year run...never got caught by anyone who would be able to bust me....ahha.

  16. Dude where do you work? And are you on your own computer?
  17. always getting higher, never getting hired...
  18. yup wake n bake faithfully...sumtimes in my lunch

    fuck my job im trying to get fired.
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    I love Aesop rock, when I did community service, I would get as blazes as possible, set my iPod to Aesop rock, and just mindlessly work until it was over. Fuck community service!

    For my real job, I get moderately stoned before work, then the high usually wears off an hour into the shift and noone knows.

    I work as an apple rep at the futureshop, selling macs and iPads is really easy, and I have great control over my high so noone ever knows. Lol
  20. I cut lawns with my buddy. we dont get high ON the job but before and after is a mandatory sesh

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