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  1. A PRESIDENT OR Rodney Dangerfield? Biden got no respect AT ALL. I've never seen anything like it, have you? & the media aired it?
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  2. It's all to disparage the white man,make us look bad.
    All planned by Obama.
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  3. That was some more evil “woke” agenda wasn’t it? Infrastructure, Social Security? Helping Ukraine fight a savvy genius invasion. What the fuck were the Republicans even responding to? As long as they got their culture war digs in they were happy.
  4. I heard heckling about border "security".
    I can't imagine why.

    Infastructure aka green bs. We can't mine here, we will have to get the little African kids to do that for a dollar a day. More of the same crap, support other countrys that don't have labor laws or environmental standards to adhere to.
    Slavery is fine as long as it's not in America eh?
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  6. I didn’t watch it

    I should have. Live events is interesting. U can see the mess ups and what he said, not hear from someone else what he said

    but honestly, I rather take a shit then listen to him speak
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  7. Republicans always pretend to be conservative and count pennies when their person isn’t running the show and nothing suits Putin more than the gripes about helping Ukraine. I guess that’s a 2 pronged benefit for the party.
  8. He was right on a couple things and totally out of his addled head about others. I spent more time laughing than anything...
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  9. It doesn't hurt that these forign countries love pollution.
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  10. I liked the part where he said "We're gonna need oil and gas for another 10 years."
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  11. Yeah after that we can go full solar!
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