Who Farted?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thccrystals, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. I smell it and it definitely wasn't me. So fess up, who farted?
  2. If it was actually a fart, then it had to be a guy..

    A southern girl saying is.................... they don't fart........ they let smellies................

    of course the southern guys always say, no bitch I think you shit!!!!LOL
  3. BTW is wasn't me.. I never fart while in the city!!!

  4. I bet yours would smell like a rose anyway!!!1
  5. you're all nuts :p

  6. who smelt it dealt it
  7. I didn't do it even if I am an old fart. Anyway, wtf, just light a match and wave it around. Works every time!

  8. Oh, hell no; don't be like my pops who decided it would be a great idea and light a fart...which then turned into a fireball and roasted his ass. Only stupid people make those kinds of mistakes. :p
  9. I don't know who did it, but they may need to check their drawers.

    I'll light up a blunt so I don't smell anything.
  10. sorry. it was probably me. ive been ripping them real bad for the last day or so. musta been somethin i ate.
    again, sorry. ;p


  11. If it was truely yours.......................... please go and wipe yo ass!!!! then spray air freshenor in your drawers!!!!

  12. Ooooh, busted thc!

  13. I light my farts on fire all the time! All my friends dont' think it can be done, but then I do it in front of them and they crack the fuck up. I'll try to get it on video with my shitty webcam, then I'll post it er somethin. But I always do it with pants on so I don't burn any sensitive parts....... :)

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