Who esle works at a Haunted House/Forest

Discussion in 'General' started by pianowski69, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Its the funnest time of year now. The time to scare some people. Its the best job ever.

    Where else can you chase people around with a chain saw, and get payed for it. And not getting the cops called on you.

    Who else works at one. Or loves to go to one.
  2. Ive been to a good one in Detroit. Not many others though
  3. There are alot of cool ones in Louisiana, worked at a friends one year, what a blast:D
  4. Well I frequently hang out in the forest, but digging 2' X 4' holes isn't really "work", ya know?
  5. My friend used to get payed to be a twitching dead body at a haunted forest.

    Pretty solid job in my opinion.
  6. Hell yeah it is.
    The great thing about it is you get to sharpen your acting skill and expand your imagination.

    You can be any crazy thing your mind makes up, and act like a crazy fuck.
  7. What if someone killed another person while on the trail? It would just look like someone playing dead..

  8. We talk about this all the time
  9. Haha, that's hilarious.

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