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Who enjoys cleaning their piece?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by andyGILL, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. #1 andyGILL, Aug 31, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2008
    I bought my 18" diffused glass-on-glass GEAR bong maybe 5 days ago and I've cleaned it at least 10 times since then.

    It's not OCD, I do dishes before they pile up, laundry before it's more than 2 loads, and whatever. The thing is I don't even let the resin build up on the bong. Now that I've moved into my basement I basically clean my bong right before a meal or even while I'm cooking if there's time.

    I guess I just love the feeling of hitting a clean bong. Watching it milk is awesome, I probably have 10 milk videos already. I just cleaned it after taking some bed-time tokes, when the resin is fresh you can clean it in under 5 minutes with only a dash of ISO. Waking up to a perfect bong, zero resin spots or imperfections whatsoever, sitting on your coffee table is such an awesome feeling.

  2. for sure. I'm pretty lazy so the actual process of cleaning my peice doesnt exactly appeal to me, but hitting a spotless peice always feels great :smoking:
  3. whenever i have the supplies i clean my glass like an OCD crackhead, but i ran out a while ago and havent had the urge to buy any more. all my stuff is dirty; i really should clean them.
  4. I'm cleaning mine right now!!! :D
  5. Next to smoking my bong, cleaning it is probabally my favorite thing to do with it..... but i guess theres not a whole lot else you can do with a bong.

    Nonetheless, I really enjoy cleaning my bong, i even have a set of bobby pins and cut up coat hangers that i use to clean out my bowl.
  6. Nothin like hittin a clean piece...!

    Ive seen bongs that are completely BLASTED with resin and the water is like brown with shit floatin in fucking disgusts me!
  7. I've been wondering...

    I soak my little glass pipe in rubbing alcohol to clean it. Is there a way to wait for it to evaporate and smoke the resin?? Is this safe?
  8. i have seen a bong that is entirely brown from resin, the whole thing, cannot see through it, cant even see the water level, its fucking feral.
  9. I don't have a nice bong, so I can't vouch for that. I do like cleaning my pipes/bubs, either with iso+salt or boiling it. I also like to scrape the bowls, heh..

    When I have a nice bong I'll definitely clean it every few days, but not like some who clean it after a bowl or two. 5-6 bowls in I would just so the resin doesn't get very hard to remove. I would definitely let my bowls get caked in resin so I don't need a screen and so I could scrape it.
  10. i usually let my shit get kinda dirty. my ashcatcher is impossible to 100% clean

    but i love cleaning the roor then just staring at how clean it is after i did it. oh yeah btw i used 99% iso and it worked amazing compared to the 75%
  11. It is addicting. I clean before and after every use.
  12. man what ive found works the best to clean bongs and bowls w/e piece you have, get some ispropyhl alcohol and some like granulated salt (big container at dollar store for like 1.50).

    pour the alcohol into ur bong then add salt and shake for a minute or two dump it out and repeat if neccessary, just remember be sure you clean that shit out with some hot water.

    i used to clean my old RooR like this, and now i clean my 2 ft Phire bong the same way, simple cost effecient and fast.

    I clean my pieces every other day cos i like a nice good tasting hit haha.

    i made the mistake of taking a bong rip with alcohol fumes left in my bong......o WOW rocked my world, never again lol!
  13. I have a pretty small glass bong, so it's not that difficult to clean. It's odd, I hate cleaning but I really enjoy cleaning my bong and pipe for some reason.
  14. I don't find it tedious at all cause I smoke after every 2-3 bowls. I just put a splash of ISO in the bong and swirl for a second. I throw the bowl and downstem into a ziploc and empty the ISOfrom the bong into it.

    Clean my bong twice a day and my 99% ISO is still more than 3/4 full.
  15. I have to say I absolutely HATE cleaning my pieces. Don't ask why, cause I have no idea haha.
  16. I really like cleaning my pipes because it tastes so good to hit a clean piece.

    The only thing that kinda sucks about it is color changing pieces usually never fully change color.:(
  17. My pot tastes so much better from a clean piece. I keep all my tubes fresh, so whenever I want to toke I don't have to inhale smoke thats been through some nasty resin.

  18. ^^
    Best part about freqent cleanings- they get easier the cleaner it is to begin with.

    And I cant disagree, clean pipes are highly enjoyable.
    I clean my pipe about 3 to 7 times a week with iso+salt.
  19. haha its wierd but i like to clean my bong :D
    i like seein it clean and shiny b4 i take a hit but cleaning my small pipes a b1tch
  20. I have an ash catcher, so that is the only part that really gets dirty. I haven't had the chance to fully clean it yet though.

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