Who else wants cannabis planted on their graves when they die?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. I know I want cannabis to be planted annually on the day of my death on my grave and have resolved to have so written on my will and last testament.

    Anyone else decided to do so? Any other wishes implemented after you die that you plan to have imput into your will/last testament?
  2. I planned almost the same thing, no coffin and I want to be burried a bit higher than 6 feet, I also want my grave to be covered in marijuana or even hemp plants, I want the roots to feed off of whatever is left in my body so that I will technically be marijuana/hemp, people could harvest the marijuana and smoke it or plant the seeds they got from it, as long as it is not wasted. If I am burried under hemp iwant it to be made into a variety of different things :)
  3. And then your friends could smoke you! This is some Cheech & Chong shit right here, sounds cool though.
  4. damn, how high all over again. promise me that if i smoke you, you'll come help me get into harvard,
  5. The plants will be dubbed the infinitehigh strain.

  6. actually this is some How High shit.

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