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who else thinks that....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. this is fucking ridiculous?...complete bullshit
    one boob, no nipple

    (Reuters) - A Tennessee woman has filed a class action suit against Janet Jackson and others involved in her breast-baring Super Bowl halftime show, saying millions of people are owed monetary damages for exposure to lewd conduct.
  2. Damn i'd have paid to see can have my out........Sid

    hell before it happened there would be sites that would have paid for them images, those people should be glad they got it for
  3. I am waiting in line for mine... It should have been some ones beside Janets..

    I want my damn money!!!!!!!

    Then maybe I can get one of the sexy females i love to show me both tits!

    she sees two of em every fucking day

    ms jackson didnt even show her nipple


    its a shining example of how fucked up the legal system in America is

    prince or the artist formerly known as or whatever the fuck he is, can walk around with his ASSCHEEKS hanging out, but an attractive female cant show the fat around her nipple....WTF?!

    im irrate.

  5. yeah and Marlyn Manson!!!!!! out............Sid
  6. there was most deff nipple there i have the pic and video of it all happenin
  7. She had on a pasty or something, no nip.

  8. oh i seen nipple on a close up, the kinda silver star thing had a hole for it, in the middle....! out............Sid
  9. thats what i saw too, thing round the nipple and, a nip pokin riiight through the center
    a big brown nipple :D

  10. and what a lovely nipple it was too!! out.........Sid
  11. again theres sid and i looking ever too closely :D

  12. nothing the matter with knowing your way around the female!!........Peace out.......Sid
  13. LOL...Sid and Higha! :D

    I just looked at the pic again and it's a metal sun with 8 points and a nipple right in the middle. :p

    The lawsuit is stupid though. People can sue for anything. The most stupid suit I've seen lately is where the overweight person sued a fast food restaurant for making them fat. HELLLOOOO!!! McDonald's didn't force the person to eat their weight in double cheeseburgers. That person chose to be a little piggy when they went though the drive-thru every single day!
  14. dammit, i was gonna say you guys should prove it but I don't think us mods should be posting nippies on the forums.... oh well. In any case there really isn't any real outrage over this. The media is just hamming it up for ratings, the amount of people who actually care are a minority, and at least half of them are probably pro boobie.

  15. Of course it's a woman sueing.. The men weren't against the site of a nipple..
  16. i can gurantee its not just a group of women either (ya better pick some other fanatical outfit)
    we like a good nip when we see one too! :p
    *just not

  17. what's the matter witb hers?.......looks damn fine to out............Sid
  18. All it takes is one woman.. Not all of ya!!!

    This womans hubby may have seen it and made a remark about how good it looked..

    I seen nothing wrong with it myself either!
  19. it must be because for along time im was suuurrre she WAS michael jackson.
    boys :rolleyes: allright, it was an 'okay' lookin 'thing

    hey nam a lady was ticketed and maybe even detained(can remember stml) for breast feeding her baby sitting down at a shopping mall,with a blanket covering her breast her nip' and the babys head, she was in a world of shit

  20. There's a thread in the on the second link and BAM! you have a nipple! Wait....I'll post a link....


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