Who else thinks OSG is gonna try to be a badass and leave at 19,999 posts?

Discussion in 'General' started by xenith, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Just my speculation here. The dude's at 19,999 and it just seems like something he'd do. Fellow blades care to speculate? Or am I being paranoid about a topic that no one else cares about? You decide.
  2. who gives a fuck?
    but no i dont think he will do that
    but seriously who gives a fuck?
  3. nobody cares about post counts.
  4. OP thinks differently.
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    OSG will never leave. He's like a fixture of GC.
  6. Hop off his sack, bro
  7. How's his dick feel?

  8. Why would he leave and why do you care?
  9. Goddamn I knew I made a mistake posting this. Sorry guys I'm high, this probably didn't deserve a post.
  10. hey i dont give a fuck, i love OSG. mother licker is like a walking encyclopedia of cleverness and cannabis. God bless his knowledge and wittiness.
  11. if you love him so much why dont you go ahead and suck his encyclopedia and get it over already:mad:
    or wud that be the wittiness thing to do?
    wat tha fuck is this thread even about
  12. Jesus there's a lot of homophobia on GC.
  13. I'll beat him in a few years!!!!! *shakes fist*

    Nah but how do you know he's at 19,999? I thought he was at 18k
  14. someone said dick:bolt:
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    *Hey wait a minute, if I suck up maybe I can get rep!!!!*

    I LUV U, OSG. YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!!!!
    *prays for +rep*

    Basically the thought process of 90% of the new GC posters.

  16. Lulz,who wouldn't want rep from OSG? He must give you like 1000 points or something. Let's see if he reps OP and gives him all eleven bars.

  17. If he neg reps me i can get full red bars. I really want to see that.

    Fuck U OSG YOU SUCK!!!!!!
  18. All joking aside, I'm sure OSG would rather give rep to something meaningful/insightful/informative, rather then shameful genitalia-riding.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.

  19. http://forum.grasscity.com/general/605756-i-love-tha-professor.html

    Looks like someone wants a ride on your genitalia too:p:p
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    Fuck you.

    EDIT: You arrogant prick.

    Please read the rules about member conduct before posting again. ~AK~
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