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Who else saves their roaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AngryYodaIs, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I always save my roaches for a rainy day, or a dry day in my case :D always good being able to open up 5-6 roaches and collect enough bud for a brand new joint :)

  2. Joint roaches=Save
    Blunt roach=Save.. then give to homeless/hobo's. Brighten someone's day. Too much tar/nicotine for me.
  3. why wouldnt you save them lol? weed is weed
  4. i throw all my roaches (rarely have em, joint every now n then) in a jar with my stems and avb, use it to make glycerin tinc every couple months.
  5. Hey its mine, i can do what i want. haha
    but like electricwarrior said i dont have that many of them.
  6. I used to save them but lately I've just been throwing the bud in a bowl after the blunts done.
  7. I keep them in a little tin I have. Right now have about 4-5 roaches in it.

    Usually will save them up incase i have a rainy day, of i'm rolling a new joint i'll bust open the roaches and add their weed to the bud going into the joint.

    Wasn't a roach, but just the other day I found 1/2 of a fat joint in a cigar tube that I had forgotten about a few weeks ago. Was a nice little suprise

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