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who else prefers weed to alcohol?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. As a college student there is a lot of drinking going on.

    I, however, don't enjoy drinking alcohol. I hate the taste and it makes me feel sick.

    Weed makes me more social and while it doesn't lower my inhibitions like alcohol would, it seems to allow me to disregard them. In fact I'm much better with women when high. It's interesting.

    Anyone else feel similarly?
  2. Depends on the situation. Social, I prefer alcohol. If Im alone or with a few friends, weed...and beer
  3. Definitely weed
  4. weed dawg, i hate having to take a piss every 10 minutes :p
  5. I love both, but I love the fact that weed is relatively harmless, so that is why I prefer weed to alcohol. I do, however, prefer to be drunk than high by a longshot. It puts lead in my pencil that weed just can't.
  6. Weed. For a lot of the same reasons you have, dont like the taste, dont like the fact that I have less control than when I smoke.
  7. Although I do love getting shitfaced every now and then it's not something that I want to get into. My family has a history of alcoholism and I won't go down that road. Weed is just better in every single way. Someone mentioned something about social situations but I think weed if perfect for that. Just roll up a fat blunt and get to passing that bitch.
  8. hell yea i do get better with the females when im high, its cause i lose all focus on trying to be polite and a certain way im just myself which works... but on both combined im like dr.jekyl and mr.FLY when im on dat liquor :cool:
  9. weed, any time, any day, any moment, over alcohol.
  10. Weed has never caused me to wake up not knowing where I am or how I got there so I'm voting for that.
  11. weed is the greatest for me too
    i drink at parties but even then not more than about four or five drinks. binge smoking is way better than binge drinking.
    as far as with women...i find sativas can make me want to dissociate myself with people, it's an introversion that can be detrimental if i'm with my girlfriend or with friends in general, but with other smokers its the s h i t
  12. I just dislike the after effects of alcohol.
  13. I have a really high alchohol tolerance and I ofetn end up full(cant drink anymore), before I'm drunk.

    Whereas with weed, i smoke a few bowls or a nice big joint and im rockin!

  14. As a drug, cannabis beats out alcohol any day. In certain social situations like parties I would probably like a little alcohol, but not much and I would probably still want to smoke. However I can't drink without drug interactions with a prescribed medication I'm taking so it doesn't matter for me anyhow.
  15. It depends.

    If i want to get fucked up and have a crazy night then ill drink.

    If i want to get a little stoned and giggle for an hour with some friends then ill smoke a bowl.
  16. Weed all the way. I drink once or twice a month.
  17. ya know, i have enjoyed both, i am currently on a t-break, but i LOVE my bud, i will choose to spend $20 on a sack over $12 on an 18er of beer any day
    buds are where it is at, plus i can opperate a vehcle wayyyyy better high. budbudbud:hello:
  18. I am a sophomore in college and I rarely get drunk anymore. I dont mind it occasionally, but I much rather prefer weed.
  19. i definitely like weed more, i dont really like the feeling of being drunk, i might as well get the flue, but its good sometimes
  20. I prefer weed for sure. Usually when I drink its not to get hammered, its to have a few beers. Most of my friends are the same way, some of them used to love drinking, realize how much damage it does, how its not wroth it, and how weed is just so much better.

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