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Who else loves Voodoo Doughnuts?

Discussion in 'General' started by hotboxbus, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I know i do, but what about you?

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  2. Never heard of them, but i do love Donuts
  3. I do! I first went there when I was vegan... that first doughnut tasted so good!! I don't go that often though, because it always has such a long line. It takes like one hour to get a doughnut!
  4. for some reason, i've never liked donuts. call me crazy
    but Ive also never tried seafood, if its swam or been in water, ive never eaten it. Atleast not to my knowledge
  5. Bumpp for vd I just got some the dirty old basterd and bacon maple bar are amazing
  6. Agreed. Voodoo is the shit.
  7. Isnt Voodoo just a NW thing?

    I do love some custard filled doughnuts though

  8. There's 2 both in Portland they have some amazing favors Like oreo peanut butter, grape, triple chocolate penitration, cock and balls, bacon maple bar, peptobismal, NyQuil, fruit loops, capten crunch, M&M and a lot more I'm forgetting
  9. Bacon on a doughnut huh?Sounds good,you made me hungry and all I got is crappy nothingness.

    A fucking Nyquil doughnut?wow we really are a drug nation.
  10. Is that fucking captain crunch on a donut!? Where the fuck is this place ?
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    Portland. :cool:



  12. Damn this looks so good :(
  13. I'm pretty sure this place was on man vs food, to bad I live in Houston, I want some of those!

  14. It was and you need to come to portland nice people good food amazing weed
  15. i wanna see this nyquil donut lol

  16. I think it and the pepto were discontinued beacuse they got in some trouble they might come back some time but for now you can't get them
  17. i just wanna see a picture of one lol. is this what they looked like?

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  18. Is it just me or does a nyquil doughnut just sound ridiculous?I mean come on now if I want a drug ill go buy it from the drug market or from a dealer of sorts.I don't like drugs on my doughnuts.
  19. I love voodoo.
  20. [quote name='"junkiedays"']

    Portland. :cool:


    It's roadtrip time

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