Who else loves there Herb Iron

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  1. Hey, so I got this herb iron like 2 months ago and I have to say im in love with it. Its great, you can smoke with your fan on full blast. I never have to look for a lighter again:D Makes your green taste so nice. No more nasty after taste.

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  2. I love it for the fan factor lol. Never have to turn a fan off in this heat
  3. i have yet to try this thing out..

    how much better is this thing?
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    I really like it. You don't notice how much butane taste you get out of a lighter until you use something else. Im a huge fan. Its way better then the glass rod cause you dont have to use a touch, and un like the hakko it doesnt stay on all the time, you just press a bottom to heat it up and once you let go it cools down

    It was 65$ offline. It comes with a lifetime guarantee if it just stops working you can send it back. and a one year accidental break fee, so if i break the tip off or anything within the first year i can send it back and get a new one.

    Things great i like to get it red hot. So i gold the bottom down for about 15sec for the first hit, but after the first hit takes only about 5 sec to heat up
  5. 65$ is alot but really within 6 months on buying bic's i get my money back. Between them dieing loosing them and your "friends" pocketing them my bics only last like a week top lol i use to get the huge 20pack. Dont have to worry about your friends pocketing your herb iron lol plus i never loose it, its attached to my wall lol with an extension cord so its like 30ft long lol
  6. even beeline tastes like major shit in comparison to an herb iron

  7. hahah damn bics always disappear!

    i feel you bruh.

    i mite just have to invest.

    i shall look into it.
  8. Such a clean taste, all you get is the herb taste. Plus you dont have to worry about putting the flame out and waving it around and getting ashes everywhere. Its an awesome investment if you smoke alot of bongs and want the most taste out of your fine herb
  9. haha hwatching the review rite now by BOOTCAMP.

    so you taste all the bud taste?

    according to tang.

  10. I own a hakko, but I have never seen a herb iron in person.

    Can anyone tell me the differences between the two?
  11. Ok well the biggest thing is the button on the herb iron.

    If you dont press the button it doesn't turn off. So no more of you waking up to see your glowing red hakko just sitting on your table.

    The warranty the herb iron comes with great. Plus its made to smoke with, so its design is great. You can hold it like a pen its feels natural in the hand
  12. The button and the warranty....With the hakko though you can choose different wattages for different things.....I have a hakko and I love it, however I never use it because I never smoke weed lol....
  13. Just got my hakko 454 in the mail today and its amazing... It definitely gives you way more control over what you burn and helps conserve herb. Awesome buy for $33 shipped. I decided to cheap out and see how much I want the button and if the herb iron is worth the extra money to me. Right now its on a power strip and its easy to turn on and off but it would be nice if it wasn't constantly glowing in my hand.
  14. If you have not tried one, because you cannot afford one then get a Hakko. The Hakko Dash 25w (454) is the same wattage as the herb iron, same type of element, and 45 dollars cheaper because it doesn't have an on/off button. Just remember you do NOT want the 455 and the 456, they're way too hot. Get the Dash 454.
  15. Ill stick with my glass wands and my torch
  16. To each their own:smoke:

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