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Who else loves indica?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedmymindbro, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I do, for sure. Indica is amazing for me... I love being couchlocked or stuck to the floor. It makes me relaxed without anxiety. Anyone else?
  2. yea its nice but i feel so shitty with a heavy ass indica.

    It gets me rippped ill admit but i like to do things sometimes and indica steals my energy and makes me eat all day haha.
  3. <---- he does
  4. 100% depends on the day on a great sunny spring day im for a great sativia and just go about my day blizted as fuck compared to winter days where its cold and i like the fuzzy couchlock

  5. ^^hahaha said perfectly. I agree 100%
  6. I like indica as well. I mean, who can hate on Sativa but when I smoke too much of it my mind races a bit too much for my liking.
  7. It depends on when Im smoking. If Im hanging out with people I like a sativa high, but alot of the time I smoke at home and relax so Indica is awesome. I have never been told what it is when I pick it up but it is easy to tell the difference when you smoke.
    One time I smoked what I believed to be a strong Sativa before bed....It was awful I got a strong head High and had scary ass dreams that were super realistic and I woke up freaked out feeling like I didn't even sleep. Indica before bed knocks me out its especially good listening to music :cool:
  8. I smoke primarily at night and Indicas never let me down. I love coming home from work and having my legs chopped with a good Indica. Gotta love the "movie trance". I feel cheated if my dealer slips me Sativa...
  9. One of my favorite highs used to be imported black hash, and pure sativa weed, also imported. Using them together you'd get so smashed!
  10. I like both sativas and indicas for separate reasons. Sativas are awesome for hiking/outdoors, watching movies, doing anything creative, etc. but they make me fidgety and anxious sometimes.

    Indicas are awesome for socializing, going to all-you-can-eat buffets and just relaxing, but they generally make me lazy and make my thinking a little foggier. They basically make me the stereotypical stoner who takes 20 seconds to respond to a question with ".....whaaaaat?"
  11. I got a big bag of dank ass indica and I like it, but a good sativa every now and then is great.
  12. i loves all weeds :p:love::p
  13. Indica is the bomb if you wanna mong to a film or get into a video game, and it rules for knocking yourself out before bed.

    Sativas better for being high outside I reckon, and for smoking with more than 1 other person

    But thats just my opinion :D
  14. This.
  15. I love indica after the sun goes down.
  16. When the duties have been done a tangy hit of indica does the body good.
  17. Indica is the best. I love the high I get from it.
  18. who else has problems finding indica? since sativa is more widely liked thats all people are interested thats all i can find.dont get me wrong i quit often enjoy sativa.actually every day pretty much.but i wanna melt in my couch sometimes be so high i can move.and then some sativa to give me some thoughts for the couch lock!
  19. Actually I think indica is more popular because it produces larger yields than sativa and therefore more profitable for growers
  20. Yeah i've always found indica to be a lot more popular round here, not often anyone picks up some nice sativa.

    Got some purple sativa 'ting atm, real nice chilling buzz :bongin:

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