who else is waiting to smoke

Discussion in 'General' started by dankapotamus420, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Not all of us can be super cool and afford our own place, so im chilling in my room waiting to grab one of those mom's gone shoppin bongs. After im good and high it'll be time for some bf3 sniping.

    Underachiever swag all day, Who with me
  2. Underachiever? Not really what I'm aiming for :laughing:
  3. I'm waiting, but not for the same reasons. I'm just waiting for my girlfriend to wake up lol.
  4. yeah i live with the rents right now saying up these next few months and moving the fuck out. waiting for my mom to go to work and enjoy some bday joints.

  5. bday joints? Congrats homey! :D you enjoy those :smoking:
  6. yeah man hit the big ol 2 - 0.. my count down begins!!! 365 more days :smoke:
  7. Honestly being 21 isn't all that great, id rather be 20 again and not be able to drink

    Happy birthday though :smoke:
  8. Yeah shit started to suck when I turned 21, my gal of 3 years dumped me a couple days before my birthday though, so that factored into it.
  9. My life consists of 2 states of being: smoking, and waiting to smoke. Oh and that period of time when I'm sleeping/about to go to sleep and feel like it would be a waste to smoke.

    I am currently waiting to smoke because I have to work later and do not allow myself to smoke before going to work. But after work...I'mma cook some good food and go to town on my g bong.
  10. Water is in the freezer right now - just waiting for it to start to ice over a bit :)
  11. fuck that 21 is gonna be fucking awesome i can finally go into a bar and play music.

  12. as far as moving out goes, I know the feeling, wanting to get the fuck out of your parents house and stop dealing with parental bs, but its a double edged sword man. Theres bs your going to have to deal with wherever you live.
  13. i just wanna be poor write songs play music and see waht the fuck happens
  14. [quote name='"DAVlD"']i just wanna be poor write songs play music and see waht the fuck happens[/quote]

    Why not do your best to become successful while at the same time writing music and exploring genres
  15. Got a late start at my school today. 10AM instead of 8AM. Too bad I'm currently looking for a job so I can't smoke. I had planned to roll some fat joints and wake n bake. But I can't, what a bust.
  16. im playing bf3 now but flying the jet its the most badass thing on the came it dominates......once u get it all unlocked that is..
  17. Yeah, I'm waiting for my mom to get up so we can go hit up the dispensary. Life's good.

  18. I like that. A lot of musicians I know think the same way.

    Its always nice to have something as a backup though ;)
  19. are you saying get a good job and shit? because when i die i can't take my money but i can leave behind my music. plus more time for exploring music.

    having a plan B means no faith in plan A. i'll figure it out.
  20. waiting on a skype call for a skype bong!!!

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