Who else is loving this weather?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dragon313, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Huh!? HUH!?! anyone!?

    It feels like fall in a sense a cool breeze, Thats my favorite time of year. I have no idea why, but I love the weather in fall makes me feel perfect walking around in a t shirt and pants with like 35 F temps

    I live in Wisconsin FYI

    who else loves fall or other seasons for either the temp or the colors or whatever.....ummm YAAAAA for Wisconsin
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    I was so confused there for a minute because the thread title implies the current weather, but then you talk about Fall. :p

    Anyway, I love the current weather here in New Orleans. It's been pretty stormy for the last few days, but the sun pops out intermittently. It's about 75. I just love it because with the on and off again storms, there's all this raw energy in the air, and I love the feel of it.
  3. Rainy and cold here, so Id have to say nope, not loving this weather.
  4. Im in wisconsin right now too and its really nice out man. Perfect weather. 55 and windy with clear skys. It feels like spring already.
  5. Lovely weather here, 8 degrees Celsius, with a bit of on and off. Perfect cycling weather.:wave:
  6. well sorry for confusing, 1st guy, It is like 45 but its windy so it feels like 39 or so. thats closer to fall so it remindes me of fall thats what I mean.

    Im in whitewater right now

    thats close to janesville ans waukesha

    waukesha is by milwaukee. taadaa
  7. WTF? 35 WITH A TSHIRT? NO TY, anything under 60 means a jacket for me, under 50 means a heavy winter coat, u crazy mang, u crazy
  8. Yeah I am in MN and it is gorgeous here except for the rain it feels like spring is early it was like 40 here yesterday T-shirt weather in February is not normal lol.
  9. hell yeah man

    finally hot and sunny like good ol florida

    although its gunna get cold one more time before spring :mad:
  10. It's 66*F in Southwest VA. Holy warm front!
  11. Im in North carolina and its feeling pretty dam good outside the past couple days. Loving the weather! Currently 63*F here
  12. hell ya the past three days have been like 66 degrees, sunny with clear blue skies. Its the shit.
  13. Cool breeze my ass, its freezing cold here and windy as fuck lol. Blowing past 75 mph in west Texas ):
  14. It's pretty hot down here. Feel like 75-80.
  15. it's beautiful out. i think it's around 0 now...
    would've been much better if it didn't rain and cause everything to turn to ice, though..
  16. today was 65 out in the southwest burbs of chicago!:hello:

    it was wonderful.. to bad we still have like a month of winter and its inevitably going to drop back to 20 degrees soon.:(
  17. It's so cold! 45 F, I love 76-94 F!!
    BTW, I live in AZ.
  18. I guess today in Grand Rapids, Michigan it was like 61 when it is usually like 20-30 this time of year.
  19. It's true, for it being Feb in Nebraska what normally is a wintery tundra with super cold windchills, is 61 degrees, blue skies and sunny. This is such a luxury, everyones going mad crazy and washing their dirty cars lol.

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