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who else is high right now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drakeofclubs, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I am so high right now...I hit two huge bowls out of of my bong and smoked a menthol cigarette. who else is high right now? :smoke:
  2. First bowl now 3..2..1.. takeoff
  3. right there with yah man :D
  4. Donskeeeezz
  5. As opposed to?:cool:
  6. took the girl home, toked an apple bowl in 2 minutes, dont worry I enjoyed every bit of it, got home and now I'm here. It feels great.
  7. Not..being..high?
  8. Im not high right now, not sure wtf im doing in this thread then....
  9. I am excessively high at this very exact moment.
    I cannot believe why the pipe went in my mouth.
    My mind is flying with ideas, and I have no clue what I did a second ago.
  10. I'm sure i've seen this american dad episode baked before...
  11. I dont get fucked up, I stay fucked up.
  12. But...Why?:cool:
  13. Heh...Eh, well, at least it has a decent bowl...:cool:
  14. :bongin:
    Flyin so high. On blue cheese wings.
  15. a bong is a bong xD
  16. hell i agree a bong is a bong id smoke it by myself but idk if id want to bring it to smoke with others lol

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