Who else is gettin fucked up tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I had a good night but now I feel like getin really fucked up since im mad busy all weekend. I rolled the last of my weed, which is some fuckin dank buds up into a 2 gram cherry vanilla blunt wrap. I also have some vodka and intend to take a few shots along the way with the blunt:smoking:

    Who else is gettin or already is fuckedd up?
  2. I'm not getting "fucked up" but i just smoked some hash.
  3. meh, gotta save some weed, but hopefully i'll get pretty blazed tonight
  4. I was gonna save mine, but Im pickin up another ounce tomorow so no worries.

  5. Lucky canadians :p

    I wish I could, especially since it feels like friday cuz i dont have class tomorrow.
  6. Haha a old friend i work with has just recently gotten a solid hook-up and has been getting some really decent quality hash.

    I like it, it's a pakistani indica, total body buzz. Grown and processed right here in Canada :D
  8. Im just drinkin a few brews hopin to get some dank hydro or atleast good mids tomorrow, hopefully
  9. Hey man, you're only in LA, thats only a couple thousand miles!
  10. Not getting fucked up...but I just got a fat ass dank bud from my mom. So, I am happy :D
  11. Ur mom??? Thats pretty fuckin sweet. I bet family holidays are fun. :D
  12. I just downed a 2 gram(maybe 2.5) gram blunt to the dome. Then I smoked a fat bowlpack of some dank. I am so fucking high. Im debating to drinkk or not.
  13. i got an 1/8 and a half of pretty decent kind bud for 20 beans fuckin ill, yeah im blazin
  14. This thread reminds me of trailer park boys

    "Im gonna get drunk as fuck, smoke some good dope, smoke some ciggerattes, should be a great time"
  15. Don't pretend there isn't a little Ricky in all of us.
  16. I get fucked alomst every nite so nothing out of the unsual. well tomorrow I may roll on some x.
  17. Not really. Usually everyone gets drunk and they get in to fights and cry.

    I usually sit there stoned off my ass playing with my little nephew. -_-

    My sister Jolene and I are the big smokers in the family that lives near here, so we are the two chill people while everyone else throws a fit.

    It's way cool...not. :cool:

  18. Just goes to show....

    At a party someone tries to start a fight, both are drunk:
    -Hey fuck you!
    -Hey fuck YOU!

    This time, both are stoned:
    -Hey fuck you!
    -...... huh? what?
    -I said fuck you?
    -Yeah im high too, wanna go to taco bell
    -.......:mad: :eek: :) ok
  19. Ain't it da truth :smoking:
  20. No, actually it isn't the truth. I dont exactly find myself talking like a preschooler when I'm high..

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