Who else is exicted for winter?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nathan, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Ahh the beautiful snow, smell of pine throughout my house, hot coca, snuggling in a blanket by the fire with the cats :D. I'm pretty exicted.
  2. I freaking cant wait.. Nothing like smoking a fat blunt during winter :)
  3. I always liked Fall and Winter more than Summer and Spring.

    I certainly am. There is nothing more nostalgic than waking on a cool, crisp winter day to a light blanket of snow, completely undisturbed except for the small deer and rabbit tracks, carefully and almost choreographed, placed exactly where it should be.

    I love winter.
  4. aww man i live in Hawaii so i wont be seeing snow, but its been soooo hot lately. i cant wait to sport my new hoodies i bought this year :)

    i hope it rains soon... nothing like smoking a J while its pouring rain outside. love it.

  5. Except in Wisconsin it's not a light blanket. It's a 2 foot tall blanket :D. Love Wisconsin, love winter.
  6. Man I cant wait. Going and collecting firewood with my dad. All the snow, having Holiday dinners with familly man winter is great!
  7. i cant wait foreal.. its too damn hot in florida!
  8. I cant wait I enjoy winter and falls weather, wish I could enjoy some snow but san diego doesnt want to put out like it should :/
  9. I love cool fall afternoons also.

  10. That sucks man :(. Ahh well, you get the good weed, we get the snow.
  11. i looove fall and winter. i live in Ga, so fall is kinda pretty in its own way. winter is nice too, but it makes me sad cuz it doesnt ever have a chance to snow until after january. i like to associate snow with christmas, but its ok, snow days are great regardless.

    waking up, on a chilly december day, knowing that there is a blunt and hot cocoa in the near future is such a wonderful feeling. so are sweaters :) love love love sweaters.
  12. I don't like getting up in the dark to spend 20 mins scraping snow off my car two times a day; heating bills leave me in near bankruptcy, but I enjoy looking at the snow and contemplating its serenity.

    Snowboarding is fun too.

  13. You got that right. I grew up in WI, im even here now. I cant wait to go back to TX (one mo' week!) so i can avoid this winter

    I hate the cold. My skin gets dry, driving is a pain in the ass, you dont wanna get out of your warm bed in the morning.

    But i know were your coming from. Hockey season starts up, no more bugs outside
    And its awesome walking outside while its snowing, and everything is so quiet
  14. Winter Vibes are the best. love blazing in the snow

  15. It definitely has it's cons to it, but more than worth it IMO. Ever since I started smoking I've loved nature. I don't know why. Anyone else like this?
  16. I love the weather in Connecticut.

    But god damn, i hate the majority of the people.
  17. Winter is but a false advertisement in south Florida. I wish it got cold here :(
  18. i love winter!!!!!!!!

    there saying were supposed to get a lot of snow here in colorado this year:hello:
  19. More excited about autumn.
    That's just beautiful. :)

    I can enjoy winter too, but we almost never get snow here, so winter's kind of a drag.

  20. I don't think I have ever been there. Iowa has very nice people. WI it depends on the city/town.

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