Who else is excited for Dark Souls 2?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Miazmik, May 13, 2013.

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    Damn, I sure as hell am!
    How about you guys?
    EDIT: I play on the Xbox360. If you want to try and play Dark Souls together some time just go ahead and add me.
    Gamer Tag: Miazmik

  2. wouldn't it be Demon Souls 3 since Dark Souls is a Demon Souls sequal??
  3. Actually, Dark Souls and Demon Souls are completely different games with completely different lore. So no..
  4. This guy, right here.  Is there a release date yet?
    No not yet. But most people are thinking its going to be out by at least early 2014, Hopefully.
    I'm just anticipating the day I wake up and see the release date announced and pre-order that shit as soon as possible.
  6. I am gonna pre-order the shit out of that game haha
  7. I don't see this game being out of stock on release, so I won't be pre-ordering, but I'm definitely getting this asap.
    Gotta beat the first one though. On my 3rd character and haven't gotten to NG+ yet haha
    I already beat Dark Souls several times on different characters. I have 1 account that's sitting at the end of NG+7.
    NG+3 and up is when it starts to get pretty damn hard, At least in my opinion. 
    Anyway Good luck on getting to NG+!
  9. i will more then likely pick it up....i am worried now since it has gained "popularity" and that will end up changing the game drastically (i hope not)
    either drastically, or minor...i hope at most, minor
  10. Dark Souls is a different series because (IIRC) Sony owns Demon's Souls. Other than that, it has a completely original story.
  11. lol im still trying to beat the first one. im only on the 2nd boss and its too fucking hard. it wouldn't be that bad of a game if every time you died all the enemies didn't respawn. shits ridiculous. thats the only real challenge i've seen so far.
  12. praise the sun!
  13. You should be breezing through normal enemies after the first few times through an area. Also, which boss are you talking about? There's no "real" second boss to either game.
  14. I watched my friend smash 2 controllers playing dark souls over the span of about 3 hours, funniest shit i've ever seen, that game takes challenge to a new level and having no bosses is gay as shit when the starting shows this HUGE demon thing
    the normal enemies are no problem. its just that there's A LOT of them. and i'm at the castle part where you get to the bridge and this giant demon guy is blocking your path. fucker kills me so quick.
  16. That's only the first real boss, haha. I don't want to spoil anything, but think back to the tutorial boss and what tactic(s) you used that helped a lot.
  17. shield up, and try to roll through his attacks (i sure hope you arent fat rolling).  also note that you can climb the tower where the 2 crossbow hollows are to do a dropping attack on this boss.  good luck.
    i see a lot of people talking about the story mode.  any of you guys like the multiplayer aspect?  i like doing co-op on some fun areas (like anor londo and duke's).  but the real fun for me is the pvp.  i can sit in burg or township for hours just fighting duels and killing gankg squads. so much fun.
    if anyone ever needs help or wants a fight, hit me up.  GT: fitterjaguar0
    also, yes very excited for dark souls 2.  though that 12 minute reveal left me underwhelmed.  i hate puzzles, and it looks like they'll be adding more.
  18. @[member="MarleySubs"]
    For that fight I usually stock up and buy about 10 firebombs from the undead merchant near the bonfire. Just learn his range, bait him into attacking and when he swings throw 1-2 bombs at him. Just keep backing up and baiting, then when you're close to getting pinned roll/run past him and go the other way. Should be able to kill him easily that way.
    And climb up the ladder from the start and kill those two crossbow dudes if you haven't. I've seen people fight the boss while up there but I got knocked off a couple times and found it easier to fight him on the bottom part. Just stay away from the broken parts of the bridge wall in case you get hit so you don't fall off.
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    fuck yeah PVP is where I get excited.. the story and lore is cool but that's mainly just how you get the equipment you want ;)
  20. I'm finding it to be pretty difficult with my dex/faith character so far. Getting my ass kicked by the serpent dudes at Sen's.. Guess I gotta keep upgrading my weapon and level up a little more, though at this level I was breezing past with my mage.

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