Who else is celebrating the end of the world?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ska, May 20, 2011.

  1. Gonna party hard tonight... :cool:
  2. hell fuckin yes man :smoke:
  3. Im just wondering if we are going to be reading about mass suicides tomorrow. Something interesting better happen
  4. All I know is I won't be drinking from any grape kool-aid bowls tonight.
  5. got all my partying out this week, dont believe it but just a nice excuse to party.

    just gonna sit back, toke a bowl, maybe a L, and see what goes down.

    prolly invite some people over, def tryna get some end of the world pussy
  6. I'm getting as many people as i can in on the prank
    we're gonna lay out clothes like we got raptured
  7. i just bought netflix last night so if the world ends im gonna be mad
  8. I'm gonna sleep through it and laugh if (when) I wake up tomorrow :D
  9. I wonder that those "christians" are doing right now
  10. Praying for forgiveness hard as fuck
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    Got with some girl 4 years older than me, walked around and gave homeless people money at some checkers in a horrible part of the city, got lost for 2 hours in philly, friend almost was raped, got in a fight, friend (girl) beat the shit outta the house owner, and the WORLD DIDN'T END! I say overall success.

    Now, I need to sleep, goodbye.
  12. fuck the world let the people burn.

    i am putting more drugs ijn my body in a few more hours
  13. hmm.. drugszz'z
  14. Seeing a bunch of local DJ's tear up this venue tonight. Should be pretty wild.
  15. I'm going to take a shit before I die because I don't want to be one of those people that shit after they die
  16. hahah ^ good plan
  17. didn't hear about the end of the world til a couple days ago! wish i had more of a heads up
  18. I'm going to die? But I just washed the dishes :<
  19. Well guys im still alive. Cmon god whatcha got.

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