Who else here loves the month of June?

Discussion in 'General' started by wenahaone, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. It just officially turned June nine minutes ago in Oregon! YAY! I get out of school in about a week, then I'm going up to my mom's cabin. gonna kick it. go fly fish, paint, play guitar, hike, just fucking chill in the sun with the green green forest all around me. I get off probation this week. Life is good.:)

    gonna probably get some lucy too.

    I FUCKING LOVE THE MONTH OF JUNE!! the days are long and the sun is out. everything is still green.
  2. man i love it too, its my birthday, my brothers birthday, my girls birthday, and today is the last day of school :D
    i also wanna get some lucy before my bday. (june 17th)
  3. hell yea I do, and I got 1 hour on you too. :p
  4. My birfdai is June 4th, woot.

  5. i do i do i do!!!!

    mainly cause its my birthday on the 8th.

    also its the month i start hanging out at beaches,school ends,weather is very warm, not that hot yet,the days last longer
    and the streets smell like night blooming jasmines.:)my neigtborhood is filled with them and every year when i start smelling them i know its summer.:)

    btw that flower is clasified as weed in some states.wierd.its smell is magnificent:hello:

    Hell ya I love June but I love the whole summer lol.Last summer I was too depressed to enjoy it but I got over my problems so in summer 09 ima party eveery fuckin day I can.. WHOO HOOO:hello:
  7. June is a pretty badass month.
    Mostly because my birthday's on the 26th.
    And that's just awesome.
  8. im oficiallly tan

  9. Ya, I had some girl issues that went on in the end of june/beginning of july three years ago, and the same time of the year reminds me of it. So it kinda sucks. I just try and not let it bother me. I don't try to repress, or anything. I just try and live with it and move on. I'm over it(and damb well should be, since it happened almost three years ago), but the similar weather patterns made me remember some old emotions the other day.....weird.

    ya, summer as a whole is pretty cool. But, I just like june because you have a whole summer to look forward to. around the end of august I start suspiciously looking at the trees to see when fell is gonna start. although fall has it's own charm. ESPECIALLY in the oregon cascades. vine maples are fucking intense when they start turning color

    I think I just realized that I should wait to do the lucy until summer solstice. like a pagan, or something. lol
  10. It's winter here. :(
  11. Winter has its own charm. Make the most of it, man.:)

    go chase around some kangaroos or a kiwi bird, or something! lol
  12. Summer is sweet, too bad this goddamn hay fever is acting up like crazy. :mad:

    Ahh well, I'mma go smoke a bowl, relax and all that.
  13. Yeah I am. Wrapping up in warm clothes, toking up and snuggling up in front of the fire with a good movie on is so goooooood. :D
  14. I love june! its my birthday, nice weather, good weed, longer daylight, and just having it be summer. june and july are definatley my favorite months.

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