Who else HATES smoking through plastic!?

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  1. Is it just me or does smoking out of homemade plastic pieces taste like ass? To me it just feels nasty and i haven't smoke through plastic for about a year now. To me, the only real way to get high is hitting up out of a nice glass piece or a simple joint. Even if it means not smoking with my friends out of that tinfoil+empty plastic water bottle they made half an hour before. I'm sure you know what I mean. All I'm asking is, who's with me?:rolleyes:

    cheers gc
  2. uhhh... save your lungs, carry a piece...
  3. oh god, i know what you mean, i've done the can method way too many times in the past. thats why i love my little pipe
  4. apprentice tokersssss section
    but yes i agree
  5. Guy, I have been smoking for almost 10 years.
  6. then why do your friends still hit the plastic...
  7. Its cause your melting the plastic, Melt some plastic and just take a smell, Then imagine breathing it in :) yum yum.
  8. Probably because we're still immature,
  9. or maybe u can't legally walk into a headshop
  10. I'm 27 and currently working as a reproductive biologist in Western Univercity Hospital.
  11. yeah i feel you. before i turned 18 i used to make some decent plastic bongs, no tin foil or pen caps or crap used a real bowl piece and downstem but as soon as i got my first glass bong i havent hit a plastic piece. i just bought my second bong a week ago. i ven stopped smoking so many blunts bongs is the way to go.
  12. I hate it. For some reason i feel like plastic is getting in my lungs, even though it isn't and the hits just feel dirty... Its all psychological, but either way I love glass.
  13. I made this aluminum foil and straw pipe at arby's one night at work. It was a for this dude that worked there, 3 months later he tells me that he smoke out of it everynight...he probably still does, lest hes dead..........
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    But you spelt university wrong! Its not a city, goddamnit. And yeah, plastic tastes like shit, and the only plastic I would wanna use if desperate is a cut one liter, a bucket, some tinfoil with some holes in it and make a Gravity bong.

    I wove my wittle pipe :love::smoke:

    Edit: Wow har I gone went and done did spelt university wrong.
  15. i hate hitting out of cheap bongs too but i can understand it, if a cop comes you can just get rid of it and buy another $10 bong
  16. Yeah, that shit is gross. People need to stop being so cheap and buy pieces. Waterbottles + Tinfoil = Gross
  17. yo thats so true.. i hated smoking through the plastic shit.. I always bring my piece wit me or some papers... cant stand plastic.
  18. This is 100% true.
  19. I agree, plastic is just disgusting. Glass FTW!
    one time I was smokin blunts with a friend and he takes one of those plastic straws that comes in a Bluntville and made a mini steamroller out of itwith an L, I felt bad how I said I refused to use plastic, even if I am saving my lungs. Made me want to just buy the dude a real pipe. Haha
  20. yea at first it didn't bother me. but now i can't stand plastic pieces

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