Who else has never "greened out"

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  1. Dudes ever since I started smoking weed I've heard stories of people 'greening out' or like puking and getting really sick from smoking weed. I've never puked from smoking weed, it never makes me nauseous, in fact when I had a stomach virus and was puking every few hours weed prevented all nausea and kept me from throwing up.

    So I don't really get why some people green out, cause I've seen it happen. But then I've never even puked from drinking and I've drank a shit ton.

    Also people who like "trip out" or freak out from smoking weed, cause it like the safest, mildest, healthiest drug out there. Weed just makes everything awesome, I don't see how some people don't like that.
  2. Yea I figured out life and what we were doing here, had a complete sense of reality and being, then I grabbed some chips and it was gone.

    LOL cultured.
  3. When they smoke in excess it happens; for example I've greened out from smoking 3 poppers within half an hour. Eating too much for dinner didn't help much and since I was so stuffed I puked.
  4. Weeds never made me sick either. I've never greened out. Only time I've ever felt nauseous from smoking is from hitting poppers but it was probably the tobacco that made me feel sick. I guess it just effects everyone differently.
  5. I've never greened out or gotten sick unless I was mixing weed with alcohol or an unmentionable. So +1
  6. People who 'green out' are unable to handle their highs.
  7. Never have, that shit is for the birds.
  8. never greened out. never puked. never got sick.

    as a matter of fact weed has made me overcome these feelings and bring me back to normal
  9. I've never been sick but I have gotten "too high" and had to lay my head down for a few minutes. I took a month tolerance break and I had a friend come over to the apartment and we smoked two blunts basically back to back. It didn't affect him because he wasn't taking a break but I had to actually lay my head down on the table for a few minutes because I was feeling a little dizzy.
  10. One time, back when my tolerance was lower, I ate two Firecrackers within an hour and within half-hour it suddenly hit me. I got sorta nauseous, but had a very intense cerebral high goin'. I think I experienced it for like an hour or two, then I suddenly felt violently nauseous, but before I could vomit I ended up passing out for like four or five hours. Literally just passing out. No waking up one time, no dreams just black. Woke up and felt really sick the rest of the night.

    From smoking though, no I've never greened out. I tend to chain smoke bowls too, so I can smoke a lot no problem.
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    No never from just weed. I've seen people puke their guts out from weed though.. When I was high as fuck, it tripped me out..

    I've only ever puked from mixing weed with other things twice so far:p. Both were really bad though, first time was when I was still living with my mom, puke covering every inch of the bathroom floor. Second time in a college dormitory bathroom, had mixed too many things at once, my spine started to tingle, and I kind of lost sensation, the room started getting smaller and bigger, than I ran for the bathroom puked my guts out,(anyone know what this was?) and went to bed fell into a deep fuckin sleep lol.
  12. My friend onetime just collapsed on the ground and went super pale and cold. Scared the hell out of me, and the weed wasn't laced because we were all smoking it fine and felt a normal high
  13. only if i combined it with an excess amount of alcohol. like, 7 shots of whiskey and 2 blunts over the course of 30 minutes. yeah i got a lil sick. but never from weed itself.

  14. I smoked 5 joints in like an hour with my best friend last week and I was high as fuck. I think the lack of oxygen made me feel sick. I had to sit down and let my head stop swimming after the last joint. I didn't get sick though. After that passed, I was orbiting Jupiter.

  15. OMFG they've finally came up with a name for that,I've been trying to explain that feeling to ppl but didn't know what to call it.........GreenOut that's sick (Literally)

    This has happened to me so many times,But my infamous one is when I got so high I had to lay in the street:D
  16. i was under the impression that when you greened out it was just smoking yourself retarded and passing out asleep?

    puking is cause by people who are not experienced and inhale way too much smoke way to fast...

    ie: first time i ever smoked it was a GB and a big one at that, i put my mouth on the piece and dude smased my head down shooting 3 litres directly into my mouth.

    i vomited hard.
  17. The first time I ever smoked (16 at the time) I greened out. I smoked out of a bong, bowl, hookah (no shisha, all weed), and a blunt. Needless to say I was retarded high. I got into a car with my friend driving and I just remember it feeling like the most intense roller coaster I had ever ridden. As soon as I got out of the car I puked my guts out. It happened once again that year, but I only threw up cause I got the munchies and ate too much. The only other time it has happened was last night. I was really drunk before I started smoking. Took a few huge bong rips. After a few minutes I couldnt really think straight and I was super dizzy and disoriented. I felt better after I yacked but was still too fucked up. Definitely wouldn't have happened if I wasn't drunk though.
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    ive only had 1 really bad experiance with ganga last summer and it went like this. me and a couple friends rolled up about 2gs in a blunt and smoked it everything was fine. it wasnt my first time smoking a fat blunt like that we'd been rollin up fattys all summer long.

    Prolly 15 mins after we got done we were chillin in the garage and i just felt really hot and felt like i was literally going to die just out of the fuckin blue. I was rollin around on the ground with the worst stomach ache ive ever had ready to puke my guts out and everything went black and thats all i remember. I just seriosuly felt like i was dying. then after 5mins of that i was completly normal and it hasnt happend since and i enjoyed the rest of my high like wtf just happend....
  19. yeah makinthelul now that you mention it i forgot about that, my first GB hit i was relatively knew and takin pussy hits still, well the guy did the same thing to me just slammed my head down on the GB and made me take in all the smoke....coughed it all out immediately, and didnt stop coughing for seriously a good 10+ minutes. so it was probably more like the gag reflex from coughing rather than the marijuana, but still.

  20. that's what im saying, that when people puke its most likely the way the smoked that particular time or some combo ya know .... not from smoking too much in general.

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