Who else get's bored toking in the same place?

Discussion in 'General' started by Diplo, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. For some reason I feel like I'm always the one that gets my friends up and about to smoke. I guess I just like smoking in different environments because it makes things a lot more interesting. I love smoking outside more than anything, and IMO there's nothing better than smoking a fat joint on the beach and going out for a nice surf sesh right after.

    Anybody else get bored smoking in the same place all the time? I mean it's fun but the usual couch + netflix + xbox + munchies gets old
  2. Same here, lately ive been trying to do other shit.
    Last time i went to dave and busters or to a place where you race go-karts. Im going to try toking when i go to a camping trip with some people in the coming months, see how that goes.
  3. Yeah, don't get me wrong just smoking is great and I love it. But I think weed is suited better in addition to doing something else that you enjoy.
  4. But ive also found that i dont really enjoy being high around people who are not. I feel almost as if im being annoying or acting out of place, eventually killing my high.
  5. That's why I have taken up smoking in far cry 3 world..

    Spawn at a safe house, loot a chest to "grab your stash" then wander off into the jungle until I find a cliff or ledge with an amazing view.

    Then Ill just look around while standing there, enjoying the scenery and blazing

    Once I'm done blazing I jump back into my imaginary story and go stalking through the bushes :smoke:

  6. Sometimes it sucks not being able to roll with your high and having to try and appear sober. Usually I just say fuck it and be stoned, it's fun playing games with people who don't know your high though.

    Anyways haha I love getting lost in some video game too though. I played fallout 3 the other day stoned as fuck and got really into it.

    It sucks that the only game that's ever played in my house is COD. It's all my roommates accept and there perfectly content playing COD and only COD. That shit sucks and annoys the hell out of me
  7. I cant sit around either. Partially why I fish. I like bass fishing while stoned, you see some badass shit. Sometimes I see Ospreys snatch fat bass from the water, or I'll be under the park lights, and I'll see a huge bass nail a bat flying low in summer.

    seeing that after a fat bowl of some Bubba was amazing. Everyone else around me was sober, and I shouted "OH SHIT, THAT WAS FUCKING TIGHT!"

    haha every face around the lake was pointed at me, i swear a heron looked at me the same way :D

  8. I bet fishing stoned is really fun. What a better way to pass the wait than just chilling high on a lake/ocean/river
  9. I enjoy smoking by myself every day in my room. Never gets old.
  10. start doing different things. if you keep doing the same old same old youll get tired of it
  11. I smoke everywhere my man, everywhere.

    but yeah if you get caught up in the same pattern you're bound to get bored

  12. Me neither, I never get bored and basically entertain myself when I'm high.

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